Conflicting rules when automating lights and other questions

I’ve set up a SmartApp to turn one of my lamps on at sunset when the mode is set to Away.
I’ve set up another SmartApp to turn my porch light on at sunset every day regardless of mode (and turn it off again at sunrise).

I’m now trying to setup some more automation (either via SmartApp or Routines, not sure which is best?) to turn off lights when everyone leaves. I’d like to set something up so that when everyone leaves all lights and switches get turned off, but respecting the two above SmartApps (and any future similar things I setup).

Basically I want to turn everything off if everyone leaves and it is before sunset. With Routines I can turn everything off when everyone leaves, and tie that to a mode, but not a time/sunset. With a SmartApp it doesn’t look like I can use everyone leaves (but I haven’t tested) it looks to me like if any presence sensors leave it will trigger.

Is there something I am missing to do this? Or does anyone have any tips on how they have done something similar?

I’d also like to ensure that the porch light is always on between sunset and sunrise. I have the SmartApp to turn it on, but is there a way to constantly check to make sure it is on and turn it on if it is not on during that time? It is a Hue light if that matters.

And is there a way to temporarily disable Routines? If my wife and I (we have the only two presence sensors) are leaving the kids home with a babysitter, can we disable the Goodbye routine without deleting it?

Last, is there a single place to see the SmartApps I’ve enabled on all of my devices? I’m using iOS and I can see the SmartApps for individual things when I select the SmartApp tab on the Thing in the My Home view, but I can’t find a way to see a comprehensive list without clicking through each Thing?

The short answer is that core will be able to do everything you want. :sunglasses:

There are a lot of different pieces to different longer answers, so we can go into those if you want.

The main difference between routines and other smart apps is that a routine can be used as an official widget and they have their own section in the smart things mobile app, so that makes it a bit quicker to find. They do not run locally. (Neither does core.)

The only smart app that can run locally is the official smart lighting feature, so you will see community members choose smart lighting for specific use cases for that reason.

But otherwise, the answer to pretty much any complex set up these days will be core. :sunglasses: