TVR (central heating valve) for UK

Hello, is there a TVR what can be controlled with the UK hub? Ideally it would work without internet, i.e. no IFTTT.

There are a couple that might work such as

I’m not sure whether anyone has created a Danfoss TRV Device type but I suspect if it doesn’t exist it wouldn’t be too difficult for someone on the forum.

However it is likely the Honeywell Evohome system will be integrated shortly. It is listed as coming soon on the SmartThings UK Components page.

The Evohome has individual TRV valves but you will need to change the programmer of the system which is more major than changing the valve.

I personally have the Evohome and waiting for the integration. Hope it helps a bit

Thank you. I’ve seen the Evohome integration but I’m afraid will be at cloud level not at thermostat level i.e. I’d have to buy the controller and that would make the integration too expensive.

I’m looking for hands on experience to avoid buying something what will not work.

I’ve looked through the published device types and I can’t see the Danfoss TRV or any other TRV’s and that is important. Unless it is published it won’t work locally generally, so it will rely on the cloud anyway.

This is probably because the platform started in the US and generally they don’t use radiators and TRV’s it tends to be Hot and Cold air systems that use thermostats to control heating or cooling.

For a truly local device you are probably looking at the LightWaveRF devices and hopefully in the future someone can figure out how to connect them to SmartThings.

Is it not possible to control almost any Z-Wave device with the ST hub?

In principle it is possible to control virtually any z-wave device but you need a compatible device type. ST have quite a few integrations and the community makes device types for other devices as they get popular. The community ones are limited unless they get published by ST and may run the processing in the cloud but clearly the hub does the communication with the actual device.