Best TRVs for SmartThings?


Which TRV do you advise me?

Zwave or Zigbee


Limited options, search the community for Danfoss and Popp.

Start here, plenty of information!

This is also a decent thread and helped me out a lot! Kudos to @tommysqueak for a DTH that works consistently and allows me to use a rad as a switch (on/off at pre-defined temps).
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In the past I buy Danfoos lc13 by devolo with my vera edge, but I am not vert happy.
Impossible to get temperature and batteri life.
Popp ok for temperature I think ?

I find a new one never tested in zigbee

But no informations about compatibility

I contact the company to know if compatible I wait

You probably won’t get a TRV to play nice with ST unless it has a custom device handler written for it by a community developer. Like the Danfoss LC13.