Help connecting Aeon labs micro dimmer to light?!?

I would like to connect the dimmer direct to the light not the switch.

The light has the standard live & neutral

The brown wires were used in another room and went to the switch but my kitchen back box doesn’t have the room for it hence wanting to go from the light itself

Any help would be great

I’m not sure what you have in the destination box, but you should:

  • bring the grounds together
  • hot coming from the breaker (usually black) to the AC Power L screw
  • neutral coming from the breaker (usually white) to the AC Power N screw
  • load to the light (usually black) to the Load L screw
  • neutral to the light (usually white) to the Load N screw

If you have this in a 3-way config, I can’t help there. I do recommend breaking out the user manual from Aeon to double check wiring diagrams. A quick Google search using your model number should help locate the manual pretty fast:

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Going to the light there is the brown (live) and the blue (neutral)

I’m not sure what wire goes to what position in the dimmer module

Here is the light fitting wires

Hi @karl_harris,

Did you look at the PDF manual? In my example above, my black is your brown, my white is your blue, and the bare ground should be connected to your yellow like it is now.

Yeah ok so am I right in saying in this picture. The added cables I put in the dimmer module go to the light fitting

And the main live & neutral go to the ac power live & neutral

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You got it, that should work just fine.

That’s worked great thank you.

Now I’ve just got to figure out how to connect it back to SmartThings

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Look in that manual for the exclude/include process.

If the device was in your zwave mesh before, and you did not exclude it, then you may be in luck. If not, exclude it and then reinclude it to the hub. SmartThings’ support site should have documentation on that here: