Wiring a GE smart dimmer with power at the fixture

Basically, I’m having a tough time connecting the smart dimmer to the light fixture that is powered at the fixture. The clearly ran 12-2 to the existing dimmer so I have a black/white/green. I attached the black to the load and the white to the line. I also grounded to the ground screw. When I do this, nothing happens. When I wire the neutral to the silver screw and load to black, I get an undimmable 50% bright fixture. Thanks for any help!

So you just have one wire in the box? ie it is a switch leg? Most dimmer switches and definitely connected ones will require a Neutral wire, which you don’t have at that box in that case.

Might be the same issue as over here:

However I am not sure you can work around it if the dimmer has to be in the box…

Won’t work. You need full time power to the switch. The switch loop cannot do that.

You’d need to put an aeon module up in the light.