Aeon Micro Switch - Help with a 3 Way Circuit .. SO CLOSE

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I’m a new ST user, and am a couple weeks into a massive home automation installation (DIY). I have been getting a crash course the past two weeks with IDE, Device Pairing, etc. And I even got a crash course in Electrical–and was making some pretty good progress at installing Micro Switches, Linear Dimmers, etc… UNTIL I ran into 3 WAY LIGHTING SWITCHES. I’ve read almost every thread on ST and on other blogs/support forums, etc. But I still don’t fully understand it, and I’ve now spent ~20 hours meddling with the thing.

So I’m asking for HELP. I’m at my whits end. Any advice would be appreciated.

My Situation

  1. My lights turn on … but they pretty much stay on…
  2. I’m not sure where the 2nd traveler wire went unless it’s the one I put in the “Load” or “Live”…
  3. I’m tired of working in the dark. :smile:

Equipment: AEON Micro Switch (Dimmer) G2.
Location: Kitchen Dimmer Switch (yes I know, it’s not Zwave) connected to another On/Off Switch at the other end of the kitchen. **Trying to install the Aeon at the On/Off switch at the other end of the Kitchen (what I believe is the Aux).

Working Assumptions:

  1. The switch on the other end of the kitchen is the aux (THIS IS WHERE I’m INSTALLING AEON MICRO).
    I tested it and the black wire on the AUX is cold when I disconnect the black wire at the Kitchen Dimmer.
    The Black Wire at the Kitchen dimmer is always hot – I’m assuming that’s the AC LIVE

  2. The black wire at the Aux is a live wire (unless it’s a traveler somehow? – this one confuses me) I probably should have disconnected the normal dimmer switch and tested all the wires coming into it… not just the black.

  3. The red wire at the Aux is the Load (This also confuses me as I’d expect a red to be a traveler from the Master)

  4. The white wire is a traveler from the Master

Here’s a diagram of how I’ve wired it up… after looking at it, I realized I need to connect the green wire on the Master to the Neutral–it’s currently not connected. I’ll try this tomorrow to see if it helps.

HERE’s what’s happening

  1. When I turn on the power and the AEON Switch is On and the Kitchen Master Dimmer is ON, the lights are On.
  2. I cannot turn off the lights via the Kitchen Master when the AEON Switch is On.
  3. When I turn off the Kitchen Master and THEN turn off the AEON Switch, they go off.
  4. So long as the AEON Switch is OFF I can then use the Kitchen Master to turn it on/off at will.
  5. This confuses me* After I turn off the Kitchen Master and the AEON Switch, I cannot turn the AEON Switch Back on with ST’s… at least I don’t believe it’s on because the light stays off and it keeps saying “turning on” via the app.

I am not an electrician (clearly) and am hopeful that I’m close enough that someone could offer a small tweak here or there and point out my error. Any help would be super appreciated!!! Thanks in advance.

PLEASE HELP :grimacing:



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Welcome to the forums! Please read the responses you’ve received in your other thread before you do anything, there are several potential hazards in the set up you describe and I’m sure you don’t want to burn out a brand new switch! :zap::bulb: :zap: