Help with aeon labs micro switch

Can anyone help tell me how to wire the micro switch please? Its UK wiring. Brown is live, blue is neutral. I want to connect the switch with red arrow (2 gang switch)

Not in the UK, not an electrician, and don’t yet have any micros (thinking of getting a few) so I’m probably the last person you should listen to, but I like learning so I’ll try and help and wait to be corrected :slight_smile: . Based on the daisychain, It looks like top brown is your live (test with multi), bottom brown is your load, blue is neutral. Thus I’d imagine top brown should go to micro Line, bottom brown to micro load, an additional blue should be capped into your current 3 and brought to micro N. Then you need 2 higher gauge wires going from micro 3V wall switch inputs to top and bottom sections of the arrowed switch where your brown lines are now…

Disconnect the short top brown (that connects the two switches) from the right switch and connect it to AC Power L
The bottom brown on the right is removed from the switch and goes to Load L
You need a new wire connected to the blue bundle, the other end then goes to AC neutral
You then run two new wires from CO and L1 on the switch, these go to the wall switch inputs on the AEON

thanks for the help. i ended up having to put it in an upstairs room as the back box is too shallow. When i get the time i will add another here.

you may be able to squeeze the Aeon module into the fixture (light?) instead.

I thought “man, I wish our switches were that skinny” but your statement and the screw in the box suggests it’s pretty shallow with no room to replace with a deep box. Retrofit is such a black bag of opportunities.