Help adding Smart Blind into ST

Hi @Pako. I believe the Zemismart may be a rebranded Tuya device. Try @iquix’s Tuya Window Shade driver from his channel here Channel and Drivers Web UI (

Hi @RebelMagpie are you able to relink me. I do apologize! It’s doesn’t seem to be showing up on my end. Thank you again

@RebelMagpie Also, i do believe you are correct on that. This is a rebranded Tuya.

@pako Try this link Channel and Drivers Web UI ( . You need to enrol in the channel, and then click Available Drivers

@RebelMagpie If only it would load haha. It seems to be a never ending loading screen that doesn’t seem to go anywhere. I have enrolled in channels before, so i’m not sure why it wont let me view the link you provided. Hopefully it’s not something on my end, best regards

OK. Try going to this discussion, and clicking on the channel invitation link in that thread. (Iquix also wrote a Hue Dimmer Switch driver - it’s the same channel)

[BETA][Edge Driver] Hue Dimmer Switch / Hue Wall Switch Module (No Hue Bridge) - Devices & Integrations / Community Created Device Types - SmartThings Community

@RebelMagpie Okay, i do see the driver now! Thank you very much! I just installed it. I give it a try and a report back. Thank you again!

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@RebelMagpie Hmmm okay so i did try this. It still seems to be showing up as “Thing” that i cannot access. I’m not sure why. Perhaps i didn’t remove the device correctly? I deleted the device straight from the ST app and then re-added it in. Is there a way to apply the driver manually? Or is it supposed to detect it automatically? I’m really unsure at this point. My only other guess is that it’s because i didn’t install the chinese app that the directions tell me to install in the beginning to set it up with, however the queqi app is nowhere to be found in the android play store. So i am not really sure how to set the upper and lower limits on this motor now either, nor do i know how to reset the device

You are in the right track. Having shown up as a Thing, you need to go into the device, click the 3 dots at the top right, then Driver. From the Driver screen, select Change Driver

Then select Tuya Windows Shade, the bottom driver on the list you have shown. Select that and then confirm the selection.

The unit shown in your instruction sheet looks exactly the same as mine, so I’m hoping it will work for you too.

@RebelMagpie I do understand what you’re saying. My issue is that it wont even let me click into “thing” device to change the driver for it. That’s what’s puzzling me right now. That screenshot i provided is from navigating to smartthings hub>3 dots> driver in the app.

@RebelMagpie When you first set yours up did you use any extra app/hub? For example, did you connect the device to in the tuya app with a tuya hub first before setting it up in ST? Or did you just connect it straight to ST? As right now i’ve been trying to set it up ST hub driectly, so i’m not sure if i needed a tuya hub or not?

Hi @Pako I paired directly into ST. I don’t have Tuya hub or app.

I had the blind paired originally with a DTH. I removed the DTH, deleted the device and just re-paired.

Came in as a Thing, like yours. But I was able to change the driver no problems.

Hmm that’s odd, i wonder why it won’t let me click into it and change the edge driver. Could just be a bug, or i may just doing something wrong… My question is how were you able to set the upper and lower motor limits so that the blinds don’t keep going up and up forever non stop.

@RebelMagpie When i press the up button on the remote, the blinds never stop at a certain point. It will be continuously ongoing until i stop it myself

Does this help @Pako ?

The handwritten bit at the bottom of section 3.7 says Step 3. Click the Blinds Driver “up” key.

I set mine up a couple of years ago, and can’t remember any nuance I may have had to do. But this was what I used.

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@RebelMagpie Yes, this was extremely helpful to me! Thanks to you, i was finally able to set the motor limits. I was searching forever on how to do this. My blinds are finally not going in an infinite loop. Thank you very much!

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That’s great. Let’s hope we can now get your blinds connected to SmartThings :crossed_fingers:t2:.

When you say

what exactly happens?

@RebelMagpie Apologies for the late reply! Here’s a video of what happens when i try to click into “things”

Basically i tap on it but nothing happens

I’ve never had that. What does it show in the IDE?

@RebelMagpie Here’s a photo of what it says in the IDE. I’m not sure why it says thing as the type.