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Because in reality if you picked up an ST Hub now, then you shouldn’t even think about the Classic app, but you should get familiar with the One App, aka SmartThings (snowflake icon).
Why would you need Routines in the Classic app, when there are Automations and Scenes in the new app?

Or as I see it, the ‘network with most of its devices offline’ icon. ‘Snowflake’ icon is catchier.

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@orangebucket, we are PowerUsers, we used the Classic app for ages. New user comes and wants Routines in an app (iOS), where almost all the icons are missing.
The new app is a better choice for a new user, when building up a new system.
Support could even refuse to give any support for the Classic app issues.

I guess only owning one for a week and not knowing much about it, I wasn’t aware. Someone I work with was showing me what I can do with it and was surprised there was no option to create routines as they’d recommended using the classic app as it was easier to use for a novice. Being a complete noob to ST and a lack of resources aimed at someone with no exposure to ST (i.e. simple laymans terms guides) I’m obviously going to trust someone who has been using it for a while.

It took me 3 hours to get Blink and IFTTT to work with an arrival sensor :rofl:

I will say one thing though, looking at your high and mighty attitude in your reply and the “we are power users” maybe this is the wrong place for someone who wants to learn…

New users are welcome here. Any time you have questions, feel free to post. :slight_smile:


Believe me, the Classic app is easy, but you are just opening up a source of extra pain when starting to use something what will go away in the future (sooner or later).

Have a look on this thread and you will understand.

ST support more thing in a better way in the new app, then in the Classic app. Out of the box. If you want to fiddle around for hours and hours with old DHs and things what might have not been changed for years and may or may not work, then of course, who am I to tell you.
ST offers now a lot of integrations with plenty manufacturers where you just need to pair the device without thinking of the background of it. It is almost plug and play. It makes things easier for everyone.

I believe @GSzabados is trying to say the Classic app is in the beginning stages of being phased out and the new ST app will be replacing it. So it may be easier to simply start with the new app at this point and avoid the eventual migration that will occur.


Thanks, will do :smile: I’ve moderated boards myself down the years and there’s a distinct difference between being helpful and being a know it all

There are probably a few things but I’ll have a bash myself first. I’m awaiting another arrival sensor so need to work out how i use the “snowflake” app to do the last to leave first to arrive to turn the cameras on/off. I have perused the boards and they were mostly about integrating but not using sensors for on/off. I’ve created automation in the new app and it turned the camera on, just need to see if it turns off when I get home. If it does I’ll just need to add the 2nd sensor and work out how to do the first/last

Thanks, I’ll have a read through later.

Thanks! Maybe lost in translation…

As a new user who has just picked up a Hub, I guess you went for the new v3 Hub, what would be a reasonable decision as it is the newer model. The v3 Hub comes with the new SmartThings app for that reason, that it has more to offer and the software development only updates that now. No more newer version with any fix is expected for the Classic app. All related technologies what the Classic app uses is slowly phased out to the new system. There has been lot of effort made by ST personnel to make the new app better and better. It still has issues, but the functionality what a starter needs is fully over there. What is missing, that will come sooner or later, hopefully this year, with the monthly updates.

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Maybe it was lost in translation, no harm done :wink:

I did get the v3 hub but as I said, only looked at the classic app on the advice of a friend. I’ll try and use the new app and see how we go.

It is enough if you start with the opener and the connected FAQ links. You friend should know all of it, as he/she should have received the email about it.

There are plenty new users in the community forum here, who uses only the new app, and it working for them. There are some teething issues, but all will be ironed with later updates.

I just need to get to grips with what apps/tools I can use. Even simply trying to get my Blink Xt2 Cameras to work with ST was a nightmare, from a beginners perspective. I’ve seen stuff about RBoys, WebCore, do this or that - although I got there in the end.

Start building Scenes first, for things what you want to control together. Then set up Automations to define triggers for the Scenes.
For anything Lighting related, go for the Smart Lighting SmartApp.

Scenes in the new App like the executable Routines in the Classic app. Meanwhile Automations gives the trigger, timing etc to start them.

The next thing what you might want to look at is the Voice Assistant integrations. :wink:

Start simple first. Lights, Presence, Motion, etc. Automate things that way, that your wife would like it. Then you will not have problems in the future to make changes in the whole house.

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Thanks, so scenes and then automate the scenes, good to know.

I’ve got it linked with Echo, so voice is on the cards.

Lighting wise I’m probably going to go for the Ikea Tradfri, bulbs are relatively cheap and easy to setup as far as I can see.

If you would go for the IKEA panels, not the bulbs, there could be issues with some Zigbee channels setting, but otherwise it is easy. ST supports the sockets, bulbs, remotes and repeater too. I am not sure about the blinds but there are community made custom Device Handlers for those.

Oh I wasn’t knocking the new app at all. I use it exclusively. I was literally describing what the icon looks like to me. I’ve never understood what it was trying to represent.

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Would only be the bulbs at this point, no need for the other stuff.

I did look at the blinds to replace our current blinds. They don’t sell them at the width I need for some of my windows (in the UK) yet.


I’m also unable to create routines. I’m using app version 2.17 so the routines tab is there but get an error.

@Brad_ST can you please restore Hello Home app for me. I’m waiting on a dev to update the DH to fully support the new ST app before I can migrate off the classic app.


@Jamille, You can use the Classic and the new app side by side. You can use Scenes and Automations instead of Routines in the new app now. What is the reason why you are desperately need Routines?