Heiman Smoke Detector z-wave plus 868.42MHz (HS1SA-Z)

I tested this product with Smartthings and works great. Firstly it is recognized as Door sensor. I changed the Device Type in the API to Z-Wave Smoke Alarm and works perfect.
The states sent are:
battery: 100 %
smoke: clear
checkInterval: 7320
alarmState: clear

In the log (Recently) appear the battery checks and the alarm state, for example, if you press the button on the smoke detector, the events are fired.
In Smart Home Monitor appear good as Smoke detector.
Happy with the purchase.

Note that there are zwave and zigbee versions. Tested has been zwave version.

Now waiting for the Xiaomi Mijia Honeywell Fire Alarm Detector Zigbee to test it.

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Yes I found a : Z-Wave Basic Smoke Alarm, I will test that.

But tell me - have you also tried the humidity / temperature sensor ( HS1HT-Z ) from Heiman ?

I cant find any device type for this ( Z-Wave ) have you ?

Sorry Toch. I did not purchased the humidity / temperature sensor from Heiman.

From Heiman I purchased a key fob but all tries does not work!
Smart Remote Controller HS1RC-M
It is a zigbee remote for activate / deactivate the alarm but it does not work. I try the next Device Handlers but does not work with this remote:
tierneykev : Securifi Key Fob
tierneykev : SwanOne Fob
mitchpond : Iris Smart Fob

I receive today the Siren Alarm NEO Coolcam Z-wave and works great! (no plug, only batteries :smiley: )
I receive the Honeywell Smoke detectors and works great too!

For anyone who also got a Xiaomi Honeywell Smoke Detector, there is a beta DH available here [RELEASE] Xiaomi Honeywell Zigbee Smoke Detector (Beta)


I also bought a HEIMAN smoke sensor, which immediately connected with the smartthings hub.
I changed the Device Type to Z-Wave Smoke Alarm, but the sensor always becomes offline after about 4 hours.
What could be wrong?

I bought it here:

https://www.aliexpress.com/item/HEIMAN-Independent-Wifi-Smoke-Detector-Smart-Home-Version-85dB-Wrieless-Smoke-fire-alarm-Sensor-Battery-Standby/32866421469.html?spm= a2g0s.9042311.0.0.a4644c4dloYiFl

Hi did you found a solution for that? My sensors do the same thing, the check time is too long and they get offline at times.

When the sensor was “offline” I tested it with smoke and I immediately received a notification on the phone - a fire. So, I think the sensor goes into sleep, but when it detects smoke, it immediately connects to the hub.