Heimantech Smoke Detector (zigbee) [ALPHA]

For those interested, I just did a draft version of the Heimantech Zigbee smoke detector.

It’s the first time I’m publishing something here… I hope it will be some value for anybody. By the way, I accept pull requests :-).


Few features are still missing:

  • still need to report battery level
  • still need a low battery reporting (cluster 0x0500 b16ZoneStatus/bit 0)
  • should add the “Alarm” capability to remotely trigger the alarm (using cluster 0x0009)
  • should add the “remote shut off” capability (using cluster 0x0006)
  • should add the “tamper” reporting (cluster 0x0500 b16ZoneStatus/bit 2)



To buy those cheap smoke detectors:

Company site: http://www.heimantech.com/product/89.html

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Great work! Have you got any ideas how to solve the issues?

@carl.debilly Where did you find those cluster codes? I’ve been meaning to test the alarm activation, but only have time after kid goes to sleep.

@carl.debilly Thanks for taking time to code this device type. I had a heimantech smoke detector for a while and use it with a device type shared by another forum member. Its quite basic but works. To test, I can press the button on the alarm and it registers as smoke detected in smartthings.

I tried the same with your device type and didn’t work. Is this something not configured in your version? Please see the device handler I use below.


Do let me know if you have any updates to your device handler. I definitely would like to try it.