Gas Detector Recommendation Please Zigbee Only

I believe both Xiaomi Honeywell and Heiman are supported. Which one should I go for? What are the differences between both and which one works or responds better? Does Xiaomi have two versions, gas and smoke?

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I had the Heiman gasdetector connected to my ST hub, it’s a Z-Wave device and powered by mains.

All the other Z-Wave communications was jammed, so I have thrown it away and the Z-Wave troubles were over.

And I have the Xiaomi Mijia Honeywell Smoke Detector (Zigbee) connected to the SmartThings hub and it is battery powered.

Don’t have a gas detector currently.

jammed, really? What country is this? Disconnected Heiman and it cleared up right away? Looks like this -

I use these Heiman in USA for detecting CO and Propane, I haven’t noticed a problem with other devices nearby.

As a workaround you could use an audio monitor like Wyze cams to listen for dumb beeper gas alarms.

Yes, that’s the one.


In the EU the frequency of Z-Wave is different compared to the US.

Removing the Heiman and the rest of the Z-Wave devices were back online.

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Thanks for replies. Anyone using Heiman zigbee version? Hopefully if z wave works ok then most likely zigbee should be good too?

apparently I am using 2 of the zigbee version. No problems, when tested by the button or by actual combustible gas they alarm as “smoke” :

|Type|Homi Gas Detector|


|Last Activity At|2019-03-09 4:08 PM EST|
|Date Created|2018-11-15 9:08 PM EST|
|Last Updated|2019-02-22 10:13 PM EST|
|Data|* application: 00

  • endpointId: 01
  • manufacturer: Heiman
  • model: GAS_V15|
    |Raw Description|01 0104 0402 00 04 0000 0003 0500 0009 01 0019|

    |Current States|* [smoke]

Not sure which thread I got the DTH from but


  • WZB Natural Gas Sensor

    definition (name: “Homi Gas Detector”, namespace: “jrhbcn”, author: “jrhbcn”) {

Good article on one option:

Sorry should have mentioned, only looking for Zigbee version.

I am curious to know more about this. Is this a zigbee natural gas/explosive gas detector?

I would be SUPER interested if that was the case.

It’s smoke and Carbon monoxide.

Heiman HS1CG-E (natual gas ZigBee version) works almost out of the box with smartthigs.
I just selected DH “Orvibo Gas Detector” in ST web interface, after pairing.

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does it still alarm as “smoke”?

I don’t understand why, if the fingerprint is right in the device handler, why doesn’t it get recognized in the pairing process. Editting type in the IDE is not a lot of work but still too much.

Yes, as “smoke” unfortunately.

@micred I bought one of these and can’t get it to pair. I thought it was as simple as entering pairing mode (classic app) and plugging in the sensor to an outlet and waiting for it to show up. Do you have to press any buttons or reset it to get it to pair?

Yep @mejifair, I select Add Thing in ST, then I put the device in pairing mode (follow the instruction in the box, it should be clicking the button on sensor).
Then it appears in ST, and I changed "Orvibo Gas Detector” in ST web interface

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Thanks my issue was the I thought it auto entered pairing mode once I plugged it in. I had to press the button on the side to get it to pair. Thank you!

Heiman HS1CG-E (natual gas ZigBee version) Does anyone know if this one will be ok for LPG as that’s what I have.

I am using these zigbee versions, one for NG and one for LPG, it alerts as “Smoke” for both types of actual leaked gas.

I didn’t use the Orvibo device handler, it’s " [jrhbcn : Homi Gas Detector]" in a different thread.

I get notifications from the Heiman zigbee gas detector (installed as a Orvibo Gas Detector) the but notifications are “Smoke” and not “Gas”. Is there a way to change the notification wording please?

What’s the difference between Heiman HS1CG-E & HS3CG?

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