Heatit Z-TRM2fx Thermostat device handler

Hey folks. Just wanted to share my own implementation of a device handler for the Heatit Z-TRM2fx thermostat.

It’s a very trimmed down version, only providing the minimum of functions. e.g. not showing cooling setpoints and fan modes…


Hi Magnus,

tried your DH and I like it being trimmed down.
I am quite new to ST (have a v3 hub) and have started to get familiar with the development of DHs. I have three Z-TRM2fx thermostats and it would be nice to manage these using a custom DH. Have tried a few but like yours best due to its simplicity and because others seem to be developed for earlier versions.

However, I have a few problems and some questions for you.

  • When adding the first thermostat it succeeds after some attempts, but I get the security level downgraded to s0. Any idea why? My impression is that it happens when adding a Z-Wave device that doesn´t have s2. But in this case it shouldn’t be a problem, right?

  • The other issue is that for some reason I can´t add the two other thermostats. No matter which one I add first, the second will not be found. Have you encountered something similar?

  • What inclusion/addition proceure do you use? Do you scan the QR-code or do you add the theromstats as generic Z-Wave devices?

Thankful for any help/suggestions!