Heatit Thermostat (Z Wave with Under Floor Heating)

current version: 0.9.2 - 14/09/2016

I have recently installed 6 of these in my house, and so wanted a device type that could properly control and configure them. The stock / generic Z-Wave one could turn it on and off, but not much else.

Heatit Thermostats are great because they look good, can fit in a standard switch face plate, and can be used for under floor heating.

There are a bunch of configuration values that you can set in the settings - remember to hit “configure” afterwards. It should be pretty straight forward to use.

Any issues, let me know
Any feature requests, let me know


Device Handler:


Is this the thermostat?

Photo taken from http://www.heatit.com/

They do look good -

Yes, that’s the one

Just what I was looking for, thanks!

I have two of these in my house and your device handler were installed on both today. No issues found so far.


thank you very much for writing this device handler. It works beautifully.

I have replaced the thermostats controlling my bathroom and kitchen underfloor heating, but I’m struggling to find a convenient way to automate the timing in ST. How are you controlling yours? Any pointers gratefully received. I really just need to set temperatures at different times of day. Toasty warm in the bathroom in the morning and evening, pretty much off the rest of the day.


I use Rule Machine to automate mine - if you were not lucky enough to get that app before Bruce withdrew support, then I believe that ST has a built in app called Thermostat Mode Director that will let you do this.

BTW check back here in a few days as I’m going to update the handler because there were some configuration options that I left out initially because I thought that they would not be useful… but after living with these devices for a few weeks I can see that they would be useful to have… Also I’m fixing a bug to do with eco mode. If there is anything else you’d like to see in there let me know soon so I can do it all at once.

Unfortunately I missed out on Rule Machine. I’ll give Thermostat Mode Director a go, I’ve also discovered RBoy’s 5/2 Timer, which looks promising.

I can’t think of any more requirements, but then I only installed the thermostats today. Still testing :slight_smile:


Hello, is it possible for the thermostat to report the temperature from the internal (room/air) sensor, even though the mode is set to floor sensor only? Would be handy to know what temperature the room is at, even if it doesn’t affect the operation of the heating element.


Unless the thermostat has an ambient air temp sensor in it, probably not possible.

An alternative is to get an Iris contact sensor or motion sensor from Lowes and install it in that room.

These are “saved” in my list of things for the basement of my house. Glad to see the community writing DTs for them!

Great work OP!

Currently It can only report the air temperature if it is set to A mode or AF mode.

I’ll have a dig around with the report commands that you can send to the device to see if its possible to get the air temperature even when on Floor mode…

However, you may want to consider AF mode because that will give you the AIr temp readings, and allows you to set a range for the floor temp (FLo --> FHi)

Unfortunately neither thermostat is in the room that’s actually being heated, so using AF mode isn’t really an option for me. I was just wondering if it’s theoretically possible.

In an ideal world I’d like to see a SmartApp that just allows me to switch from Heat mode to Eco mode at set times of day and to set Eco mode when I’m away. Current thermostat timer SmartApps seem to only allow Heat or Cool modes, so the HeatIt is effectively always heating, just to different set points.

Ye… Rule Machine is the only one that could do that… lets hope Bruce puts it back online soon

Where did you purchase this? Based on how you format your dates and the temp ranges, I am guessing it may not be in the US. :unamused:

This is an EU device… I think I remember hearing somewhere that they were going to launch in the US some time… If they do I’ll update the device handler

#disappointed :disappointed:

Could be a translation issue, but I emailed and asked about a future US issue, and here was the response:

Hi Josh!

Due to US building codes, this unit will never be sold in the US.

With best regards/Med vennlig hilsen

Pål Aksel Forberg

CEO/Daglig leder
[/quote]It is beautiful.

Hi, I’m using google translator, sorry for writing
Buy a 'Z-Wave thermostat Heatit "I’m checking with Vera Edge
The configuration is as follows: CO mode, heat, and A, internal air temperature
I have a problem with the configuration
22.5 adjust the set point, for example.
The temperature reaches 22.3 for a long time and never goes boiler
Change the set point to 22.0, the boiler is turned off and the temperature starts to rise to 24 or 25 degrees
Ditto for for the reverse case
I set the setpont 22.5, for example
Comineza temperature down and stops at 22.7 and the boiler will not start
I return to adjust the setpoint to 23.0 and the temperature begins to drop to 19
Any suggestions?
Thank you so much

I have no idea!

Please see latest release:

  • Fixed an issue that the Thermostat Mode capability was not declared - so no other smartapps could interact with the mode settings… this may help you out @cpetzny

I’m considering purchasing one of the Heatit underfloor thermostats and using this device type, but, have a few questions.

Most of the control will be through the Smartthings app. If I install this device handler, will I still be ale to maintain the use of the physical operations of the device?

Are the two designed to work together? By this I mean, will physically operating the device reflect its changes through to Smartthings?