Philips Hue supported in UK?


I’m getting very mixed messages when trying to find out if Philips Hue hub / bulbs are currently compatible with the UK Smartthings.

Smartthings official support says it doesn’t work at the moment but will do at an indeterminate time in the future. This forum and DEFINITELY Currys/PC World suggest that you can. I am having no luck getting the philips hue hub detected by Smartthings at all.

Please help!

Works great for me (had hue hub v1 now on v2) with light strips, bulbs, iris and bloom

So, yes working in the UK

Thanks Andrew - it’s getting stranger then.

I take it you have Smartthings UK hub v2 with led lights on? Just trying to work it out as I think I have exactly the same hardware as you.

No idea where to go for help getting it working.

Yes UK hub version 2 of smart things

In the st hub you need to go to smartapps and make sure Hue connect is installed, this will then look for thus hub (you may need to press the button on the hue hub to allow discovery) then it will discover all you led lights

It’s also good at finding new ones you add later

Works so well I keep ordering more and more!

I have the SmartThings Hub v2 working with the latest Phillips hue hub and bulbs (literally just released this month). Easy to setup and manage with no issues at all

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@primarypete The SmartThings Hub is compatible with the Hue bulbs (when paired through a bridge). Might be something else going on… I sent you a PM to dig in

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Thanks guys - managed to get it working after 4 hours of trying :slight_smile: :smile:

It was Smartthings own chat that told me it wasn’t compatible at the moment. I eventually gave up and went back to the same chat. Different person said it is and got it working :smile:

Shame I still can’t use it all correctly yet as can’t get my wife’s email invited at the moment! Tried to use life360 as a work around for now but that’s the kind of 3rd party thing that apparently definitely isn’t supported in UK at the moment!

Guess I’ll just have to keep waiting until the invite becomes available again!


Use a presence sensor :slight_smile: - Have its arrival trigger loads of things.

Set it so that it pushes a notification to your phone when it leave the area and then you can manually trigger the Goodbye routine so you know its all ok.

Thats what I’m having to do at the moment to keep things all up to date while ST takes FOREVER to fix a number of issues with the Goodbye routine.

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