Innr Flex LED Strip Light

Hi all,

I’ve seen Innr is marketing a LED strip light similar to the Phillips Hue Lightstrip. They seem to be a little cheaper and already integrated into new Smartthings App.

I’m looking at replacing my Withings Aura Sleep Lamp with this strip light to slowly brighten the room up with light in the mornings and have the radio playing from an Alexa (if possible).

It would be good to know what it looks like in the app and what functionality and automation you can set up with it.

If anyone has any reviews, suggestions etc, it would be great to hear.

I’ve got a few Innr bulbs (warm white) and they seem to be OK, I added them to Hue (and hence ST)

2 things I noticed though 1) You can’t add them to entertainment zones (Used for Hue sync) 2) You can’t set the ‘restore previous setting after power outage’

Looks like they have some neat stuff. Anyone in US gotten/tried it? At first glance it seems like a UK product?

My LED strip came through the other week and i integrated it seamlessly with ST without any problem. The device screens look pretty well made as well with the options to change colour, colour temp and brightness. The colour picker is a bit fiddly so maybe some presents or/as well a HEX input would be handy.
One thing I have noticed, and this is generally the Innr range, is that you can’t change the colour/temp whilst the light remains off. This is more evident when using WebCore than the app screens. After some digging, I believe this is a hardware issue and only some alternative bulbs can support this.

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Nice! Have a link where you got yours from?

Here you go :smile: I tried to find it elsewhere other than Amazon, however, I couldn’t find any alternative retailers in the UK. They also do GU10 and E14 bulbs which I’ve got a set of E14’s and they work well.