Control TV, HiFi and other IR devices

Hey guys,

Does anyone know of a IR device that I can link to ST and control things such as my TV, HiFi and other IR devices?

I know there is a ZXT-120 that may be able to control my AC if I have the right codes; does the learn function work so I can use it to control HiFi, TV, etc? If so then this may be the way to go.

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@april please combine this with the existing topic:

Lots of community members doing this one of three ways:

  1. use the Harmony universal remote (usually the Harmony Home Hub version, but others as well). There is a new version of this integration currently in beta, reportedly working well, should be in wide release soon. This lets you turn the tv on/off, but you only get channel control from the harmony remote itself.

I’m using the older version of this integration and like it a lot. I can press an activity button on the harmony remote and have the TV come on and the lights go down. Or toggle lights from a remote button. But again, not full TV control from ST. I really like the Harmony as a universal remote, though, so I’m happy.

  1. use a WiFi to IR blaster (usually the Global Cache iTach) with the RoomieRemote app. RR provides an official ST app. Requires a yearly fee.

  2. use a WiFi to IR blaster (again usually iTach) with a home built controller. Many variations on this.

See the topic linked in the previous post for discussion of all 3 options or search the forum for iTach for more discussion.

The ZXT120 works by self identifying as a zwave thermostat, so it only accepts thermostat commands. I don’t know anyone using it for A/V equipment control, the iTach gives you a lot more flexibility for a similar price.

Some community members have used the zxt120 for air conditioner control, but the integration has been somewhat challenging. For more on it specifically, see:

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I found some code at which seems like it may work, however when i copy the smartapp and the device type config into the dev area it errros; wondering if anyone knows of any updated code? Danny’s email (the author) just bounces back.


Not sure who Danny is. That looks like one of @juano2310 's projects.

Danny is a good friend :slight_smile:
He wrote this integration back when he was working at SmartThings and then when the forum was updated it got lost so I re posted in Hackster hoping that developers can still use it.
I have it working on 2 different projects at home where I control lights with an Apple TV remote for example.


Excellent, so the code still works? i’ll try again :slight_smile: