Smart HDMI Switch

Hi everyone, new to smartthings and slowly trying to setup most of my apartment. I was wondering if anyone had found a smart HDMI switch. I am trying to control the input of my TV, however ran into the problem that I have more inputs that I want than HDMI ports, thus the need for a HDMI switch.

I have considered using a CEC enabled HDMI switch and then using smart plugs for all the devices I wanted to be able to turn on, however this would mean I couldn’t use their normal remotes which is less than ideal…

Any help would be appreciated!

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I use and hdmi switcher that came with an infra red remote control
Then I put the remote away and use a Harmony hub connected to ST to control everything via Alexa


I do exactly the same thing. :sunglasses: I’m in the United States and use a $12 Fosmon switch that came with an IR remote. Then I include it in my Harmony activities and at this point mostly just use the native echo/Harmony integration which works very well. But if you want to throw smartthings into the mix as well you can it’s the same end result.

So it’s the Harmony that has the smarts, not the switch itself.

I am using the same set up.

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The Broadcom devices can control IR kit and has ST integration. Lot cheaper than Harmony, but more complicated to set up.

Problem with the Fosmon HD1832 5-Port HDMI switch is it doesn’t allow CEC to go through. That means you can’t set it up to turn on tv when an input signal is turned on. A little bit annoying for those who wanted CEC but everything else is nice.

Anybody know/used a good 5+ port HDMI switch that supports CEC (passthrough) and can be controlled by Anymote/Android or Broadlink RM Pro (or smartthings if that is possible but most likely not)?

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I saw this thing, seems to have it all. Anybody try this one or something better?

Broke down and got this one. Works great except if you have google chromecast connected to it, it might screw things up sometimes. Best to keep chromecast separate and the CEC works great. Switches nicely and has power on and power off buttons you can automate with ST.
Good match with dreamscreen if you have that.