HCC - re-enter login credentials

When I first got ST and Echo/Alexa all seemed to work fine with my three Honeywell thermostats. But after a while Alexa stated saying " Lower level is in a mode that doesn’t accept commands, please change the settings in the app or on the device" when I look in ST I see messages that state “Lower Level is disconnected from SmartThings, because the access credential changed or was lost. Please go to the Honeywell TCC SmartApp and re-enter your account login credentials.” I’ve gone to the TCC app on my phone (which is working just fine btw) and re-enter the password but this does not fix the issue. Is there someplace else where these credentials are stored/set-up?

Go to the Honeywell Connect smart app in the Smartthings app itself and reenter credentials. When I had my Honeywell, it seemed like once a week I would have to reenter my username/password.

That seemed to fix things for ST but Alexa still says I need to change something in the ST app.

Hmm… If you open the skill in the Alexa app, is it re-requiring authentication?

Thank for the help!!
I went into the Alexa app and disabled and reenabled the skill which prompted me for the email and password. It said it connected successfully. But if I say “Alexa, set the basement to 72 degrees” Alexa says “Basement is in a mode that doesn’t accept requests. Please change the mode in the ST app or on the device.” I can’t find anywhere to change modes.

Honestly, I try avoiding multi-plattforms, such as Alexa talks to Smartthings, smartthings completes the action. In your case (as did I), you can install the Honeywell TCC Alexa skill, and have Alexa talk directly to the thermostat. I use the term “talk” here loosely :slight_smile:

If you still need to talk from Alexa to Smarthings to Honeywell, can you manually change the temp from the smartthings app itself? That may help figure out where the communication is breaking down.

I had it connected with TCC directly to Alexa, but that stopped working. I then tried it through ST. Now I seen to have it connect with both as the names are appearing twice which really confuses Alexa. I’m trying to change the names in ST so I can try both.

OK, now I removed the thermostats from ST and just access them directly with Alexa through TCC and it is working. YAY :slight_smile:
Not good news for Smart Thing!

Technically, you can still hook smartthings to the tcc, for use in presence automations. For example, turn the ac/heat up/down when you leave/return. I just wouldn’t use multi-hop like I stated before. I could technically tell Alexa to Tell Harmony turn on TV lights routine, and I could have an action on the Harmony hub to do just that. I would rather tell Alexa tell smartthings turn on TV lights. Harmony and Alexa can both talk to smartthings. I hope that makes sense. :smile: