Having trouble with adding Lutron Caseta

Hello all and Happy year,

I am going to start off with I’m a complete newb at this. I bought 2 caseta switches and the hub have them all working with voice commands with Google assistant. Recently bought the v3 hub to play around with and see what it has to offer.

I have gone to add devices - switches and dimmers and see nothing. Even went to marketplace. Tried the new app and the classic application.

-In the Classic app it lists: aeon labs, enerwave, GE, and leviton under marketplace switches and dimmers. Even looked under outlets.

-In the Samsung app under manually add devices. It only shows home appliances. I’ve swiped in every direction but that’s it. When I try to search I get nothing.

I’m probably doing something really stupid so I apologise in advance.

Thank you all in advance for the help.

What region are you in?

In my Classic app, I can find the lutron switches in My Home > Things > Add a Thing > Add Device Manually > Switches & Dimmers. Also in Marketplace > Things > Switches & Dimmers

I also see it in the STSC app.

I’m in the US. IDK why I don’t see it. This is the most bizarre thing ever.

Does the type of account matter? I’m currently logged in a Samsung account not a smartthings account

Contact ST support at https://support.smartthings.com

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