Can't find Lutron in "add a thing"

I installed all the Lutron switches and bridge and it works with the Lutron app. I then try to add it to my SmartThings and go to Add a Thing -> Add Device Manually -> Switches and Dimmers. Scroll all the way down to Leviton and the list ends right there! Cannot scroll past. The list just ends. Any suggestions?

I am using SmartThings Classic on an iPhone.

Funny, they show up for me when I attempt from add a thing: manually: switches and dimmers. Another option, go to the marketplace: things: switches and dimmers. See if you can install from there

Once you’ve added the SmartBridge the first time, it will no longer list Lutron on the add devices list. (I know that doesn’t make any sense, it’s just how the official integration works.) So after the first time You just say you want to add something generic and then it will find it. See the instructions in the official knowledgebase article:

Thanks. I checked in marketplace as well. More options but Lutron is not one of them. I have searched all over and it really seems like I am the only one who have faced this issue. That would be par for the course for me.

Contact ST support @

Did you already add one? If so, you have to go into the Lutron app on your phone to discover more devices. You only have to add the connector to the smartbridge once.

I have the Lutron app on my phone and discovered all of the devices I have installed. The issue is when I try to add Lutron Caseta to work with ST. I go to add devices manually. The list that shows up stops at Leviton. Lutron Caseta never shows up and I never installed in previously. I attached what is on my phone.

Have you contacted ST support? What is the firmware version on your hub? What is the version of your ST app?

My screen of leviton devices do not match your screenshot.

Mine continues to list the in-wall dimmer and smart switch, even after adding the integration into ST. You can go to the smart-app to discover new devices but the original device listing is still there. Just so no one thinks their setup might be wrong if they do still see them.

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That is interesting. ST Hub firmware is 000.021.00013. ST software version is 2.16.0 (1435)

I contacted support on Saturday. Haven’t gotten a human response but figured since it is the weekend that they would respond on Tuesday.

One more thing that I did as a noob that may have something to do with this was that I originally installed SmartThings (Samsung Connect) app rather than Classic. Figured out that nothing really worked well, deleted the app and downloaded Classic and started over again.

You can have both the Classic app and new app installed at the same time. :slight_smile:

Ok the issue has been resolved by ST technical support - thanks. This is a very rare issue and probably will not happen to anyone else but for other folks who may have this issue, here’s summary of what happened. When I signed up the hub with my Samsung account, the server for some reason assigned my hub to a server that was not associated with the US region. That region did not have Lutron as a viable product so it never showed up. jkp thanks for your help. Your comment about how my list looked nothing like your list was a good indicator something was wrong on the backend. My hub was move to a server that is associated with the US region and now the Lutron shows up as an option.