Having trouble pairing Fibaro Universal Binary Sensor to ST

I recently purchased 3 x Fibaro UBS, and I am finding it impossible to pair them to ST. I have already tried the following with no success:

-“Add Device” through the ST app as I have done with the other 89 z wave devices in my house

  • Factory Reset
  • Excluding the device
  • Moved the UBS very close to my hub
  • I have supplied both 12v and 24v to the UBS (just to check)

I also contacted Fibaro support by phone and they told me that since i have tried all of the above, it might be a problem with the default DTH of the ST hub?

Just in case it makes a difference, I have the UBS behind a button/switch as a “push to exit” button to open the front sliding gate of my house. The physical button is working fine when connected to the UBS.

Does anybody have any advise?

Did you ever get this to work? Im having the same issue. I’ve added the device handler I found here by another user but cannot get it to pair. I feel like im missing a step in the connection.

unfortunately no. still no solution found. is there anybody that can help here? Hany anybody ever successfully paired a FIBARO UNIVERSAL BINARY SENSOR to SmartThings?

@anon36505037 have you ever used a Fibaro UBS on any of your setups?

Can you link me to what you are using to replace these?

My intention is to put this (or replacement) behind my “push to exit” button that activates my garage sliding door in order to tie it in to ST.


That is what I thought initially, but how would I make the smart relay give a simple “zap” and not a continious “open” or “close” signal? I am not sure if I am explaining this correctly, by garage door is old school and it works with a single button remote that gives quick “zap” commands in order to operate the gate.

Do you understand what I mean?

There is a parameter in the fibaro that can “auto off”, Robin will know the exact parameter, or look in the manual, that mimics a “zap”, I set one to half a second and use it for my garage also.

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