Fibaro 1 door sensor not working in ST

I have the ST hub 2 and have been using this successfully for a week with ST sensors.

I have just added to the hub two Fibaro Door / Window sensors which now appear in the App. Both of these sensors show contacts closed permanently. They are activated by the magnet (blue light flashes) and the TMP button also activates the blue light flashing. In the App nothing changes so it appears that the ST hub is not detecting the open / close event.

I have followed the exclusion process in the Z wave utilities area but this does not improve things.

Were you ever able to resolve this? I have the same things happening with a fibaro contact. it paired, but is always showing closed despite the device blue light flashing when opening and closing. I excluded and repaired, but same results.

@JDRoberts any ideas?

I’m sorry, I know other people have said they’ve been having trouble with Fibaro devices, but I don’t know anymore than that. I know it’s very frustrating. Fibaro has indicated that since their devices are Z wave certified and work with other hubs they aren’t going to do anything to support any custom code required for smartthings, so no joy there. :disappointed_relieved: