Error uninstalling SmartApp

I bought another Philips Hue light, and I’m currently using the Hue Connect app to bring the lights into SmartThings. Unfortunately, using the connect app, it still only shows me the old lights and not the new one. I try to uninstall the Hue Connect app to reset it and start from scratch, but I get the error message “Error uninstalling smartapp.”

Any ideas? I’m stuck if I can’t add new lights / uninstall old ones.

Remove all the hue lights that you have isntalled first. Then you will be able to remove and re install.

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Thanks! You got it. I had to remove the lights from every app that referenced them… guess i’d better hope that I don’t add / remove any bulbs any time soon…

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I think smartthings is looking into that. Next iteration of the Hue app should have it fixed hopefully. @urman does not like that it operates this way.

Unfortunately, a year and a half has passed and I have just discovered that this is still an issue.

To remove the Hue Connect SmartApp, you have to remove the bulbs from the SmartThings app. To remove the bulbs, you first have to remove all references to those bulbs in every routine you’ve created. That’s hours of tediousness that, combined with the glut of issues I’ve had with the SmartThings hub recently, is causing me to take a hard look at a potential replacement for SmartThings.

Almost another year later this is now fixed. At least with iOS and the IDE.