Duplicate Hue Lights

I have a problem which started this week when I added an additional Hue smart bulb to my setup.
I now have duplicate Hue lights (all my hue lights now have duplicates) showing in Smartthings. In the IDE the additional devices are shown with a type of “placeholder”. I have tried deleting them several times but they keeping coming back.
I have configured the Alexa smart app within the Smartthings app to not allow the hue devices and this fixed the problem with duplicate devices in Alexa itself. I also started using ActionTiles this week so don’t know if this has something to do with it. It seems that after I delete the duplicates something is syncing somewhere and putting them back.
Anyone any ideas as to how I might fix this?
Thanks in advance

Hello, @Mordorf

Try to delete the connector and add again the integration. At One App go to settings/connected services. If you’re using the Classic app go to Automation/SmartApps.


I’m guessing you added both the hub version of hue and non-hub version. The non-hub version is cloud to cloud and adds the devices with the placeholder type. Remove the cloud version from connected services and that should delete half of them.

Thanks but I don’t fully understand what you mean. What exactly do I need to remove? I have no idea what the hub and none hub versions are. Please could you be more specific.

Tap the upper left menu, choose the getting a icon and then connected services. Delete Hue. (This is all assuming you have a SmartThings hub).

I’m confusing myself now. But I’ve now done that and am now worried that I’ll have killed something by doing that. I’ll just have to wait and see.

The duplicate devices haven’t gone, do I need to manually remove them again?

That seems to have resolved the issue. Many thanks for the help. :slightly_smiling_face:

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