Replaced Philips HUE now I have duplicate devices in SmartThings

I had to replace my HUE and used their transfer hub option so all the devices from the old HUE were moved to the new one. I then had to add the new hub to SmartThings but now I have duplicate devices (the old ones that show Not Found) and the new ones, all having the same Names as they should. The problem is, if I try and delete the old unused device it shows a bunch of SmartApps it is used in. I have many devices (lights) and smart apps so this will be a long process. Is there a special way to do this (replace device option) or will I just have to make note of how all the smart apps are used and which devices are in what section of the smart app and redo everything from scratch? Seems like there would be an easier way.

Edit each app using the mobile app and replace with the new bulb. Or start over.

Thanks. That is what I figured and started doing.