Have a new router with a different name, need refrigerator to switch to that router

As stated in the subject. My fridge currently connects to a router that is going away. I have a new router for it to connect to, with a new name. I can’t find any way to tell the fridge which router it should connect to. There are instructions on the Samsung web site (https://www.samsung.com/us/support/troubleshooting/TSG01110176/), but they don’t match up with the actual options in the SmartThings app. Rather frustrated.

you will probably be asked the model # of the fridge which should provide community members with more info to assist you.

the link you posted points to the ST wifi hub. Do you have a ST hub? or fridge with built-in hub? that’s where the model # greatly helps.

easiest option would be to change the SSID/passowrd on the wifi for the new router to match the old one after you remove it. You don’t the ability to do that?

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Yes, I should have included the model: RS22T5201
It seems only to be a SmartThings IoT endpoint, not a hub.

Changing the name of the new router is probably not an option. My first thought was to reset the fridge’s software so that it would want to be configured anew. A search of “reset” in the manual didn’t get me anywhere.