Family Hub Refrigerator

I just purchased a set of Samsung smart appliances, including the Family Hub refrigerator, the range, and the dishwasher. I connected to the range in SmartThings no problem. My problems are 1) I don’t see an option for connecting to the dishwasher and 2) I can’t connect to the refrigerator. It doesn’t find it in a scan.

The refrigerator is connected to the Smart Connect app and all of the features work as expected. Thanks!

Have you tried adding the device manually? There should be an option at the bottom of your screen when you are trying to add a device. From there go to samsung products and you will find them there.

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I did try adding the device manually by
selecting Samsung Products and Refrigerators. When it attempts to scan it
does not locate it. I can’t believe what a hodgepodge of apps that Samsung
has become. Pretty frustrating!

Check the manual. I had to follow the instructions there when I had to add mine. It’s like press on this button on the fridge, then wait for x seconds, etc. Should be easy.

I’ll reread the manual tonight, but I’m not hopeful. I don’t think it’s
compatible with its own product. There is an easy connection feature on the
refrigerator that I had tried using during setup with SmartThings but that
didn’t work either. I think that goes to show the future of SmartThings. My
guess is it will be gone in 18 months.

I have a fridge like yours (not family hub but the lower models without the TV and all) and it is connected just fine to my Smart Home app and Smartthings. I have even setup rules to announce on Sonos when the doors have been left open. I remember that I found the information in the manual on how to connect to network. It is already there, just do some digging.

I think the problem is just that. The newer fridges don’t use Smart Home, they use Smart Connect, and it’s my belief that Smart Connect is not compatible with SmartThings.

I just recently got the Family Hub fridge and was able to get it connected to both Smartthings and Samsung Connect. I can’t quite remember but I feel like ST picked it up right away and I didn’t really have to struggle with it. Everything else is where that came in.

I was wonder if any of you guys with the Family Hub fridge have been able to connect it to Alexa or even know if that is a possibility? I’d like to have the option to update my shopping list through voice and also check the calendar that we use on the fridge which migrates a couple all into one.


Casidy just an FYI. Your reply will be seen by the creator of this thread and if you want to include others so they see your message in their queue, you can hit the reply icon under that post or if you want other people you know have the product to see the message, you can add them with their name preceded by @ sign. I will include @Roddj12 since he has the Family Hub too.

Was good talking to you in the other thread. Good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks WB, I’m sure I will run into more questions as I add more devices to the home. I will continue browsing the forums to try to familiarize myself with how others are getting by.

Once you start, there’s no going back. You will become addicted :smile:

I still can’t connect to the fridge with SmartThings, even after the latest firmware update on the fridge. Now on top of that, the Smart Connect app freezes up every time I open it. Very frustrating!

Same here. Smart connect is freezing every time and cannot connect to SmartThings. Hope an update is coming.

I haven’t been able up get my Family Hub 2.0 connected to SmartThings either. Connects to “Connect” just fine. One time SmartThings saw it when scanning but couldn’t connect. But I haven’t been able to see it when scanning anymore. Oh well. I still like the fridge.

Has anyone tried to add their SmartThings hub to the Samsung Connect app? It sees it. But I am afraid to add it. I don’t want it to mess up my current setup.