Hate, hate, HATE grayed-out device icons

I thought I read in another thread that people were unhappy with the decision to gray-out inactive device icons, but I can’t seem to find it again, so if starting a new thread is inappropriate, my apologies.


I cannot stand opening the new app and seeing most of my devices grayed out as if they were offline. I’m suddenly finding myself spending more time scanning for broken clouds than actually interacting with the app.

Reading the words “on”, “off”, “open”, or “closed” wasn’t that difficult. Looking at the little animation in the upper left wasn’t that difficult. Seeing the radio control in the upper right as gray or black for “off” or “on” made perfect sense.

Please! Change it back. Making devices appear offline on the dashboard is really annoying.


YES, I’m with you here!

My August lock is grayed out. I about had a panic attack, I haven’t used keys in MONTHS hahaha

Even my Hub is grayed out. I thought every device was broken!


I can only click on “like” once, but if I could add more than 1 like, here’s what that would look like:

image image image image image image image image image image image

I completely agree with you.


It is definitely confusing.

My effing HUB is greyed out yet working perfectly…

I literally cannot explain the thinking going on in ST land right now.

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Couldn’t agree more

There’s pros and cons. I think we were all used to grey = offline. Previously if glancing quickly (and not reading the words) the only way you could tell the status of a sensor was an icon change of three small red lines, some red dots, etc. So this provides a bigger change between inactive and active. But it is very bland looking. I think I prefer the old icon color scheme, but maybe its bias because that’s what I was used to. :slightly_smiling_face:


Agreed… Even SmartThings HUB itself is gray + water leak sensor both Samsung products

Maybe the logic behind grayed out and not is not yet working as it should be…

So its quite ironic… Samsung ST products are grayed out and my two Xiaomis are not :slight_smile:

And yet Harmony hub icons are not greyed out so it’s not even consistent.

give us the option to change it back! :frowning:

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And the Hue hub is also greyed out :frowning:

I know this is true for fan icons. Even with the fan on it remains grey. And this is with the standard DTH.

This is really not what you have posted from Samsung Developer Conference last year…

i’m confused by what you mean.

The moving icons and full of colours. Why grey when adding a moving icon can represent the active state.

That’s a question for the UI designers. But based on their own change notes published in the app yesterday

Not icon related but my thermostat shows one block for heating in F and one block for cooling (which is currently off) at 0 C

What’s your Tstat model @jkp? My Honeywell 9580 looks ok on Android.


I also HATE the greyed not “active” icons.

I prefer the words “on”, “off”, “open”, or “closed” as well.

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