Has anyone tried the new GE Z-Wave Ceiling Fan Wall Switch (12730)?

I just saw this on Amazon and to my knowledge, has never existed before. Does anyone have any experience with it?

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I heard that you were gonna buy it and report back.

Good luck and thanks!


Ha! On the fence. I am really excited to finally see an in-wall switch with speed control. I may end up pulling the trigger when the ol’ bank account replenishes…

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@rplouff excellent find I’m very interested in this type of switch also , wonder if Lowes will start selling them by the iris stuff… Hmmmm

Well I ordered one from Home Controls… Guess I will be the guinea pig on this one :smile:
Hoping it works just like a dimmer.

I have had a fan control switch going bad for sometime - just couldn’t stomach the $135 a switch…

My next project is my master bedroom, and it has a ceiling fan controlled at a wall switch with a slider. If what you bought works, I’ll be buying one as well.

This is definitely something I want in my house. I have three ceiling fans I run quite often here in Florida. I bought three wemo light switches and ran an IFTTT so that if the temp gets above or below a certain temp, it turns on or off the fans. The only problem is that the Nest isn’t talking to the WeMo or vice versa…I want to know this would work for sure with my Nest Thermostat before I put money into SmartThings. Any thoughts on if this will work?

I haven’t hooked it up yet but came in retail packaging specifically listing smartthings iris revolv Vera etc… I have high hopes :slight_smile:

@rusherracing You know you can’t go to sleep tonight until you get this working or at least included! It’s an addiction…

Can’t wait to hear all about it.

Your right I couldn’t wait…

Its up and working no issues… Seemed like it took awhile to pair but its been along time since I have added anything to my network. had to change the image but thats it.

That’s great news, looks I’ll be getting one. Does it show up as a dimmer or switch? Also, how does the device handle speeds, and how does it look and get controlled in the app?

Hi all - first post. Just installed 2 of these switches. As mentioned up above, they come in what looks like a new version of GE retail packaging (really nice, actually) for their zwave lineup. The box has logos showing compatibility with various home hubs, including SmartThings.

They installed without a hitch and they seem to work well. My fans are both Lowes/Harbor Breeze models that have RF remotes to control speed and the light. Since the light and the fan motors are not on separate lines, the new switch can’t operate them independently (obviously). I’m OK with that because I never use the light. Testing it out, the light would only turn on when the fan was set to high anyway (makes sense). Also, the low setting via the switch is a slightly faster rotation than the fan-controlled low but it didn’t bother me. The switch itself has the usual blue LED on it, which momentarily blinks slowly to let you know you’re on Low, then a little faster for Medium, and faster still for High.

SmartThings picked it up right away but as a dimmer switch so the app shows you a slider. It’s a little odd because the switch only has three stepped speeds so the slider is a little misleading. I assume that SmartThings would have to add a new device type for this?

I’m satisfied and definitely recommend these for anyone who can look past a couple of nits.

tl;dr - works well, but lost independent use of light since fan motor and light are on the same load line. shows up as dimmer in ST so the in-app slider control is misleading.

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I picked up one from Amazon, installed it, and it works great. It presents itself as a dimmer switch, allows for on/off as well as a slider to control the speed. There is also a setting to control if the indicator is lit when the device is on or off.

Due to the shipping costs from Amazon (3rd party not eligible for prime), I went straight to homecontrols and ordered from there for the same price. They have a promotion where if you are over $99, you get free shipping.

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@mkmark or @CKCKCKCK1 can you clarify how the slider works? I’m guessing it has to work something like 1 to 30 percent it low 31 to 60 percent is medium speed and 61 to 100 percent is high speed?

@johnosstyn Yep, it works exactly as you describe. Roughly the first third is Low, middle is Medium, and right-most third of the slider is High.

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Excellent thanks the reply @mkmark

I apologize if I am asking an obvious question. But can you use this switch a fan with a normal dumb three way pull cord speed control? Also, are the wiring instructions provided sufficient for non-electricians to figure out?

@adis I believe that you can use it with a pull-cord fan. You’d just want to leave the pull cord on the high setting and let the new zwave switch now control the speeds. As far as wiring goes, it was straight-forward for me: neutral, load, line, ground.

I have a pull cord fan where only the light is controlled via the switch. the fan is controlled by the pull chain. would i be able to use this switch to control both or would i need to rewire the fan?


I added the switch to my amazon cart a few days ago…finally got arout do researching today and now it’s out of stock and not sure if it will return…darn, looks like I missed out :frowning: