Smart Ceiling Fan Options

I am looking for a ceiling fan that always has power and is z-wave/ZigBee/wifi controlled, happy to program the interface up myself so doesn’t have to be ST supported. I currently have 2 ceiling fans with RF controllers, yellowed and time to be replaced.

What are my options? All I can find is Haiku from big ass fans, while they are beautiful and ideal they are a little costly.

Any thoughts on other options?


Here you go (this is a clickable link)

useful, thanks! I see your name everywhere! Always providing a tonne of useful info.

So it looks like Hampton bay ZigBee or haiku for me

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Haiku works well with HomeKit or Nest, but unfortunately doesn’t work with SmartThings. :disappointed_relieved:

I had a nice large 64" ceiling fan that came with an RF controller. After a few years I started having problems with the fan turning on or off by itself. I tried switching channels but nothing fixed it. Thus, I decided to switch it over to Zwave. GE sells a switch that works great:

This is an easy install so long as you have a standard on/off switch that supplies power to the fan. Simply swap the standard switch with the GE fan switch and you are done. My old RF control had 3 speeds. The new Z-wave switch allows you to set the speed anywhere between 0 and 100% which is nice. However, you cannot reverse the flow. It shows up in the SmartThings interface the same as a dimmer switch (toggle on/or or use slider to set level). This switch requires a neutral wire.

I’m curious, does this switch control the light separate from the fan? Unfortunately when my home was built, there was only one switch installed in each room that cut all power to the fixture on or off and you have to control the fan and light separately with the pull chains, so if I want the light off and the fan on or vice versa the wall switch has to be turned on, and the proper chain pulled. I really would like separate control of the light and the fan with the app and/or SmartSwitch without having to run new wiring and install a second switch.

This is all covered in the FAQ. :sunglasses:

If you use the Hampton Bay device, there is a single gang wall mount controller with separate buttons for the lights and for the fan.

If you use the GE switches, you need to mount them side-by-side in a double gang box , one switch for the fan speed control and one switch for the lights.

Again, this is a frequently asked question, and there are lots and lots of details, including pictures and wiring discussions, in the various existing threads. Just start from the FAQ and you will find them. :sunglasses:

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Look at this.

I have. :wink:

It does not currently work with SmartThings. :disappointed_relieved:
The bond is a new device and although they say they hope to eventually have SmartThings compatibility, they do not have it yet.

Question: Is this compatible with Samsung Smartthings?
Answer: Right now ( Nov 2017) it is not but we are expecting that within few month it will. We are also rolling out IFTTT so that might be away around it.
By Olibra LLC SELLER on November 21, 2017

Sorry, the original post didn’t mention that it has to be ST compatible.

The full quote is:

And they do want it to be smartthings-compatible, they’re just saying it doesn’t have to be officially SmartThings-supported, they can do the custom code themselves for the device type handler. One of the biggest strengths of the SmartThings platform is that customers can write their own code for new device type handlers, but the device has to have a compatible protocol. :sunglasses:

I just ordered the Bond from HomeDepot with a bundle offer. The final cost of the Bond is less than $55. It is Echo and Google Home compatible and you can control multiple ceiling fans with it through RF. I have 3 ceiling fans upstairs with RF remote for light and fan. This would be a perfect solution for me.

WOOOO I just caught up with this thread (that I created). The bond looks amazing!
I will buy one of those and integrate it into smartthings when I get chance. It communicates over wifi so should be pretty easy.

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Just ordered one :slight_smile:

I see it can only do 1 function (turn the fan on or off but not speed control). Is that correct?

There is now and IFTTT channel for bond so you can get partial integration with SmartThings that way. But as of this writing it is only on and off for the fan, no speed control.

Does anyone have this working with something besides an IR remote? If so can you list the brand and model number of the fan? Thanks!

If you currently have a ceiling fan AND it has a remote that turns the fan to off, high, low medium, and lights on and off, then this will work for you.

I have this controlling my bedroom ceiling fan at the moment, it does control fan speed.

If you have a pull chain fan, then look up videos on How to Convert a Ceiling Fan to Remote Control.

JD - I have it working with 2 fans in sperate rooms. Both have the Harbor Breeze remote/RF units. Same RF are also sold under various names.

Fan Speed works, but I cannot dim the lights, just on/off. Have not used IFTT with it, but works with Alexa and Google Home.

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I have BOND for two weeks now and control three fans with RF remote. The fourth should be working shortly as BOND is working on new firmware to control State remotes like the photo below. I have BOND working with IFFFT and SmartThings, but only light and fan, but no dimming or speed control.

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I am also waiting for the support of the remote in the post above. I have 3 HB ceiling fan remotes. The one with AV universal remote works fine even with dimmer and 3 fan speeds. But for the remote above, I can only get the light on for now until they have the new support release.

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