Has anyone tried the new GE Z-Wave Ceiling Fan Wall Switch (12730)?

@ivioo, Amazon was always out of stock, so I got mine from Home Controls in a week:


I just installed mine and it works great. I’m working on a device type to remove the slider and replace it with Low, Medium, and High buttons instead.


@rey_rios @rplouff, @rusherracing, and others, here’s a device type I just created to replace the slider with low, medium, and high buttons and a tile showing the current speed setting:


Anyone know where this puppy is in stock? It is a hot item evidently. Can’t find it in stock anywhere.

It’s no longer listed on the Jasco site ( that’s the manufacturer, GE label), so I’m guessing it will be replaced by a zwave plus version pretty soon, a lot of manufacturers are doing that.

Meanwhile, Lowe’s will still let you order it online in the IRIS-branded box:

Or you can go for the Leviton fan control switch, although it costs more:

The Leviton is on the current official “works with SmartThings” list:


Ouch, wow yeah it does!

Any more details on this? Was just about to get one myself but not sure if I should hold off, like you say I can’t find it anywhere on their website except for the support section.

I have one it works flawlessly. Had for about three months now used with several smart apps including to cool house down mid day when nest is off. Works great

Yeah I think I might just bite the bullet and go ahead with this.

My usual recommendation applies: only buy electronics from a place with a good return policy. :wink:

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FYI, though it is hard to tell, Lowes DOES have these in-stock to parcel ship and at a great price. Ordered some other crap to hit the free shipping minimum, and poof it was at my door two days later. Works great.


Can’t find it available in my area, no where else seems to have it any more…

Lowes around me never has these in-store. I was told they would have to custom order them direct from the manufacture.
I ended up getting 3 of them from here.
Best bet is to email DHA to find out if they are in stock or not. Mine took about 3 weeks since they were on back order when I ordered them.
So far they have been working fine after I installed the custom fan controller device type.

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I have 3 of the Leviton’s and they work perfect!

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3 GE’s here. Love them!

I got one, perfect install. Connected up easily, zero issues.

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Lucky for you, my house’s wiring was… interesting though I guess I can’t blame the GE device for that as once I had worked it out the wiring, it was a piece of cake.

NOTE OF WARNING: You MUST connect the NEUTRAL (white) wire, they will NOT work with just line, load and ground wires.

I am guessing that you are running into the same problem as I have at the moment and that is that it appears that this house is old enough (1980) and it only has the Ground, Load, and Line but no neutral wire, how did you work that out?

You will have to have an electrician “fish up” a neutral from somewhere else in the wall. If this is a US house built after 1940 and the wall switch is near an outlet, the outlet will almost surely have a neutral.

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Yep sadly @JDRoberts is right, need that neutral…

With a ceiling fan that has a light…if using the light but you don’t want the fan always turning on full speed…I assume the fan can be disabled via pull cord?