Ceiling fan controller?

@Ben Do you know if there’s any ST plan to build/source a FanLinc (Insteon) style controller that works with SmartThings hub? Would remove 1 of the major needs for Insteon capability, and seems like a big gap in current ST functionality.

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What I’ve done is installed a Microswitch from AEON in a couple of my ceiling fans. Obviously they can only turn on/off, not change the speed. But honestly 99% of the time when my ceiling fans are on they are usually on step 2, so it’s pretty rare that I ever have to pull the chain on 'em.

Not a perfect solutions, but one that works the vast majority of the time.

Anyone check out this swith from this thread yet? Has anyone tried the new GE Z-Wave Ceiling Fan Wall Switch (12730)?

I do this same thing but with an Enerwave zwn-rsm2 as I only have one hot wire in my ceilings.

I did see this but it does me no good because I only have 1 wire but it is cool

Has anyone tried GE Z-Wave Ceiling Fan Wall Switch? $45

Check the thread out about… Bottom line it works great with smartthings :smiley:

A question about these ZWave lighting controllers. I have a Hunter ceiling fan. It is wired to a switch that is the GE JASCO Control On/Off Switch, 45609 – the same one that Lowe’s IRIS uses and works quite well with SmartThings. It has been attached a few months now without trouble. A few days ago, the ceiling fan started to make an electric hum. If I turned the switch off, the hum immediately stopped thus suggesting to me it is not a mechanical problem like a lose screw. Is it possible this switch is causing the hum with the ceiling fan and, if so, what would I replace it with?

The switch you tied to the motor I do not believe is rated for motors and you’ve probably ruined your fan.

I bought and use the GE12730 zwave switch dimmer for my fan. Works and controls really well!

Honestly this has been my biggest focus lately. It sucks cause my home was built in '97 and every room has high vaulted ceiling (very annoying to heat\cool) but they were not wired with 3-wires for individual fan\light control. So a couple years ago I bought a few of these link and they have served us well. Now that i am investing in this new HA obsession I really want to make use of the aeon multisensor installed in all of the rooms to help automate the fans during the warm summer months. I really don’t understand why there are no z-wave controllers for this scenario. I know there are the aeon multi controllers but I want to try and keep the manual controls available so I don’t complicate things for the family.

I also bought the GE 12730, it works great. There is already a device type that works great. We use to leave our bedroom fan on high 24/7/365. After doing some research, it cost a ton to leave the fan going! Now it is scheduled perfectly :slight_smile:

I’ll add my voice to the chorus and say: When are we going to get something like the Insteon that is z-wave or zigbee? Much like @tonesto, I’m not trying to complicate things for my better half and children.

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Are you referring to the fanlync module? +1 on that if so.


Yes I am. One switch to control the light (and its brightness) and the fan speeds.

Yea that thing is pretty nice. It would be a nice addition.

So I like the GE 12730 fan control however I really want to try and free up a gang in my box so I can throw in a Cooper 5-Scene Controller in some of my rooms. The INSTEON FanLinc might work, not sure if a device type was made for it yet, but there $50 a unit and I would have to pull down my fans that I just put up to put them in. Currently the fans right now are new and I got them for $80 and included a Hampton bay remote for them. So I am thinking about using an Arduino with ST shield and wiring a relay to everything (hi, med, low, off and for each dip switch 4 of them.) I would run it with a smart app and virtual switch. Thought and ideas about this, hopefully I will be ordering the arduino and ST shield in the next weeks.

The Insteon FanLinc is a nice device, but not compatible with SmartThings. It uses the Insteon communication protocol.

SmartThings uses zwave, zigbee (home automation profile 1.2) or cloud to cloud.

As for the Arduino direction: I won’t say it’s impossible, but you have to know a lot about electrical wiring to avoid burning out the fan motor. Or burning down the house. It’s the same issue as trying to use a light control for a fan motor.

If the word “TRIAC” is new to you, don’t attempt an Arduino solution until you’ve done a lot more research. See:

The arduino with relays would be connected to the remote not the actual fans. So this way one control would control all of the fans in the house. Which is why the 4 pins on the inside would also need to be on the realy. So the code would have to first have to relay the correct pin and then send the command to set the fan as L/M/H/off

I see. OK, if you’re just going to use the Arduino to fire the remote that makes more sense electrically. I don’t understand the comment about one control for the whole house, though. Don’t the remotes need to be line of sight to the fans?

No they are RF. There’s a button for Hi, Med, Low, off and one for the light (however I don’t plan to wire up the light because they are all on dimmers because they are LED bulbs). Inside where the batteries are, there are 4 dip switches that are on or off to match the dip switches for the receiver. So I have 5 different fans though out the house. So 4 relays will be used for the Hi, med, low and off and 4 relays will be used for the dip switches. So when a command is sent the dip switch relays need to be set first then the fan speed relay can be sent. I have pulled code from a relay project that someone else send connect to virtual switches. The only thing I need to research, which I haven’t had time to do yet, is can a virtual switch have a state of hi, med, low, off or can a virtual switch only be on or off?