Has anyone made Alexa work after migration?

I have followed a dozen “guides”. I followed Samsung’s migration instructions to the letter. All my devices disappeared from Alexa, and Alexa will no longer find and Smartthings-connected devices.

Very simply: has anyone figured out a fix that actually works, or is Samsung intentionally disconnecting from Amazon in preparation for launching their own voice assistant?

As I posted to your other thread, try logging in to Alexa.Amazon.com and remove all existing devices and then run the discovery from Alexa again.

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Yup, I use the new Alexa skill and it works perfectly. There are a few posts already in the community, which @jkp already mentioned in your other post.

Basically I removed the old skill from Alexa and ST, removed all my devices from Alexa via the Alexa website, added the new skill back, verified the connected service in the new app wasn’t hosed for any reason, and then watched as Alexa discovered my devices. This process kept me from having duplicate devices, but I also had to recreate Alexa routines and groups, but it wasn’t that bad.

Even for “no motion” routine triggers? Even for Zwave child devices? And with the ability to limit the devices exposed to Alexa without requiring manually disabling in the Alexa skill? And even for multiple locations?

Just saying I haven’t heard anyone report that it has parity with the original Alexa skill. Just that some stuff that was broken in the new Alexa skill now seems to have been fixed. And some people were lucky from the beginning and just didn’t happen to run into any of the glitches.

I’m happy it works for you, but my guess would be it’s still doesn’t work for everyone.

That’s a fair assumption based on how Alexa works for me and the OP’s original post(s), but…

My child devices are working in Alexa, and those device handlers are ST stock. Even though the parent device is Zigbee using a custom DTH, the child handlers are agnostic, such as the DTH called “Child Switch” (and others).

I don’t do anything with motion, but the OP’s other post discussed basic voice control for his lights, so I didn’t elaborate, or how using a virtual device could be used instead.

With regards to limiting what devices are exposed, that’s technically not the point of the OP’s original question/concern, which was just getting Alexa and ST to work together. I personal hate that I can’t limit what’s exposed, but I am hopeful that ST will come around and give us that control back again. Same thing applies with being able to select which location.

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