Alexa Skill: No New Devices Found - After Migration - SOLVED (for now)

Sorry if this was post before. Read several other threads on simlar topics but none of them were solved. I’ll jsut say that everything was working fine for the last -23 years. I have been using Alexa to vocie control my switches and combo switches, adn scenes. I am able to see and control all of the devices on the ST APP (classic and new APP). It’s jsut that if I have to get my phone, enter code, and find the app to control the switches, then I might as well take the 5 steps to flip the switch on my night stand. There’s a reason why I want to use vocie control to turn off the lights before going to bed.

However, with the recent migration, now none of my devices on ST are even visible on Alexa. All my other linked services work (KASA, TP-Link, Switchmate, ASUS Router, and even my Jaguar Remote app for my car) all work fine for voice automation. Have tried to run rediscovery multple times. Each time, wiht the same result: No new devices Found from Alexa.

I have unlinked the Alexa Skill, both from the ST App and also on Alexa App in separate trials. Then, each time, waited 5min or so, then run discover again. Same problem. I have also unlinked, then run the Z-Wave Repair again. Then, relink and ran discovery. Same result.

Emailed ST support (ticket 1052860)…and they keep on having me do the same unlink and relink and try again and again.

Any help woudl be appreciated.

Known issue. Support has no clue. When I reported they appear to have no idea the problem exists.

THANK YOU! Your response helped to sovle the isuse.

For those reading this and havign the problem, just rename the device or scene in teh ST App. Then save it. Wait a few min (I waited 2-3min). Then go back to Alexa App, and swipe down to refresh the search. Then, the renamed devices will show up. It sucks to have to rename all the devices, but at least there is a solution while someone is looking at the fix.