How to Get Alexa Skill to Work Properly After Upgrade to New Smarthings App Migration

Many folks are continuing to have unusual issues with devices and rooms not working after the recent upgrade to the new Smarthings App. Support as not helpful. They clearly didn’t know what to do. Eventually I figured it out. Maybe this will help someone. The problem is with the Alexa Skill coding.

This is the email I sent to support:

By the way I just fixed it.

Here’s the procedure so you folks can learn how to support your own products


  1. Disable and Enable the Alexa Skill

  2. Rediscover devices

  3. Using the Alexa App, delete any device in the list that has an error

  4. Rediscover devices

  5. (Important) Then using the Alexa App open each of the ROOMS and re-add each of the devices back to the rooms

This is all done from the Alexa App

The ALEXA SKILL is not properly removing devices with errors nor is it re-adding ROOM GROUPS

If this helps one person then it was worth my time.

A good resource for managing Alexa devices is :slight_smile:

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And do you have the procedure to stop duplicate devices appearing because the ST skill has removed the ability to choose what devices are shared with Alexa? Because i would love to support my own product.

Apologies if I offended i didn’t mean too, but if you saw the email thread from Samsung support asking me to do ridiculous things and then closing the ticket because after about 3 weeks I would no longer do the ridiculous things they asked me to do. . However I have had a most awful experience with Samsung support. It has drug on for a long time because I’ve been too busy to do my own troubleshooting.

Again if the system owner simply uses the Alexa app enabled with the Smarthings Skill to delete any device showing an error, then rediscover the device (in some cases I had to do this more than once), then enter into “Room” object through the Alexa App and edit the room. If necessary, remove all devices from the Room, then manually re-enter each device into the room, then save and test. Rinse and repeat until everything works again.

Once upon a time, the Alexa Smarthings integration (note I was a very early adopter) would interrogate the hub and essentially do all these things for you. But somehow that synergy got lost for those of us with older systems, many rooms and scenes.

I even ended up buying a new hub (which I now do not need) as I was going to start from scratch as an act of drsperacy since the support personnel simply could not help me. Finally by a stroke of luck I figured it out myself.

I hope this helps others that have hundreds of dollars worth of malfunctioning first generation devices.

Anyway thanks for your time.
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Oh and sorry no that specific issue must be done manually on a device by device basis through the Alexa app.

If I were Samsung, I would would upgrade the Alexa Skill coding so it had the ability to:

  1. First flush out all configurations and then
  2. Thoroughly interrogate the Hub thus rebuilding the all devices, rooms, and scenes so Alexa can voice control

Without Alexa voice control Samsung home automation is really just a more colorful version of the old 1980s X10 Home automation solution.

Samsungs solution only becomes “amazing” when Alexa integration works 100%

It has to be a huge marketing priority for sure

No problems at all and no you didnt offend, i know where you are coming from. In Australia SmartThings sells their hub and sensors and happily collects your money but there is zero support, and i mean none you wont even get a response.

It’s starting to get really frustrating, they are calling something “the new app” when its been out for many years so there’s no excuse for it to be having so many problems and missing things like it’s an alpha release only cooked up last week.

Same with the Alexa skill, removing the ability to select what devices should be shared with Alexa is a disaster. The original skill had this, so its not like they had to code this feature someone had to go out of their way to remove it and make things worse. I just dont get it.

So now i have ~300 devices in Alexa, so many duplicates and i dont even know what’s what anymore. Smartthings has made the whole device list a mess, im surprised Amazon hasnt booted their skill off the Amazon website due to the mess it makes in Alexa.