Harmony + SmartThings + Alexa Together Slow

I’ve been having trouble with Harmony + Alexa + SmartThings. I’m not sure why, but installing the Alexa Harmony Skill causes ALL of the SmartThings to slow down a LOT. This even includes smarttiles.

Uninstalling Harmony Skill on Alexa made it work well again. Then I reinstalled the skill from scratch and it went slow again.

Anyone else finding this problem? It’s confusing to me the Alexa skill is causing SmartThings fundamental things to get so unresponsive. Thoughts?

Enabling an Alexa skill on cloud would have no way to interfere with ST or SmartTiles. at all. Completely unrelated

I agree, it should not. But the symptoms seem pretty clearly related in my testing to the extent I can isolate the problem. Perhaps a red herring, which is why I asked here to see if anyone else has seen this type of a problem.

I too have harmony / Alexa/ SmartThings … the newest addition is the Harmony and I am still testing and trying different things.
I have a “mixed bag” of good/ bad.
Using Alexa integration…The “harmony activities” executed with Alexa (vs’s) seems to perform pretty well - this is mostly Sonos cmd’s.
The poor performance is with the “buttons” on the remote to control Home devices. out of the 4 buttons - I am can only get one to consistently execute. The other sometimes fire - other times do not… cannot pin it down… the response is ALWAYS VERY SLOW with buttons.

One community member reported last week that their smartthings notifications log was getting flooded with notifications from Alexa. Which is weird, but flooding could also create slowdowns… I didn’t get any more details on that, though, so I’m not sure exactly what was happening there, but I would definitely check your notifications and your logs to see if there are actual transactions occurring.

I think this may be it. I’ve now noticed (new information) that it is still subject to some pretty significant lags - but much better now that I’ve removed harmony.

I purchased another Harmony Hub (Home Companion) which I swapped out with my old Hub which was re-purposed to bedroom duties.

Just from my experience with SmartThings, I uninstalled everything related to Harmony. Got both Hubs set up locally, then added them back to SmartThings. However I did not enable the Harmony Skill…

I thought I noticed that my activities activate alot quick now. Usually I would say, Alexa, turn on XBox, she would do the circle ring thing like she was thinking for a second or two then say okay then it went.

Now, without the Alexa Harmony Skill, its seems to be much faster.

I don’t know if I can add the Alexa Skill with two Hubs but for now, I am pretty darn Happy.

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