ST trouble with 1 of my harmony hubs


Another harmony issue. I have 3 harmony ultimate home remotes and hubs. 2 of them are working fine, but 1 is giving me issues. Using Alexa she keeps saying having trouble connecting to ST, but it still turns things on, but will not turn them off. But Alexa works the other 2 hubs perfect. All 3 remotes are same model number and all 3 have the latest firmware. It’s just strange 1 doesn’t work right. I removed it, added it back, rebooted harmony hub. I’m lost on what to do now. From the harmony remote everything works. ST is communicating because if it didn’t the turn on command wouldn’t work through Alexa so I know Alexa is talking to ST even with the error plus the other 2 hubs work perfect with Alexa.


I have 3 hubs as well and in the last 2 days everything went haywire. There is something funky going on with Alexa and ST…

The one thing you didn’t mention - can you turn off items directly from ST (not using Alexa) for that third harmony device?

There are many reports of Alexa issues this month as @rontalley mentioned.