Echo: Sorry, The SmartThings service is experiencing issues

Not sure if this has been discussed before. I did a forum search but it didn’t really turn up anything that matched.

Lately, when I ask Alexa to do something (particularly with my Harmony setup which I know makes it a little bit murkier), SHE’LL DO IT, but instead of saying “ok”, she’ll say, “Sorry, THE DEVICE could not be reached because the SmartThings service is experiencing issues.” It’s more of an annoyance than anything since the task is completed.

I’ve noticed it on a few of my harmony devices but also on a regular zwave device connected via the normal echo/ST integration.

Has anyone experienced this? Any fix? What am I doing wrong? Is it a Harmony issue?


Yes… But not too concerned about it.

I presume the Alexa SmartApp just has a timeout waiting for confirmation of the new device state (or even just a return code from the call to command?).

SmartThings can have some significant lag… Sometimes.


I have been hearing that error the last two days as well. I assumed something was going wrong with the smart things servers so have not followed up on it.


Are you guys getting this with Harmony devices or just regular devices?

I’ve been seeing it with Harmony devices. I don’t believe it’s happened for any others.

Confirmed that it happens to me, but only with Harmony activities. I believe it has only happened when starting an activity with multiple steps (e.g., powering on the tv, receiver, changing inputs, etc.), and not when just turning everything off.

Maybe I imagined it happening with other devices beyond Harmony.

In any event, I love that Alexa immediately throws shade at SmartThings here. “Um sorry, this is SmartThings’ fault!”

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I’ve also had it happen but only when using my fire tv and not echo. As stated the operation still is performed.

I can confirm that I am seeing the same behavior - my commands always seem to work but she says the “SmartThings service is experiencing issues.” When I issue a command to turn the activity off though, it works and Alexa just says “OK.”

We’ll I’ve sent off a message to ST support. Feel free to do the same! Probably low on the totem pole but maybe it’s an easy fix. These are both official ST integrations so I’m hoping they’ll fix the experience quicker?

Add me to the list… I’m also experiencing this in the past few days.

Oh! New response this morning. At least Alexa is getting more interesting.

“hmmm… SmartThings is not responding.”

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Hey Gang,

Got this from ST Support.

This is an issue that some of our customers have been experiencing lately. In working with some of our other customers on this issue we have learned from Amazon that the problems lies with the current release of the Alexa firmware. According to Amazon they should be releasing a firmware update in the next 6-11 days.

So there you have it.

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I just turned on harmony integration and get a timeout message when I use it. Has anyone figured out a solution to this?