Google Home Crushes Alexa in Performance

I have had nothing but a short circuit with Alexa the past two days, she went from being perfect for 60 days to being absolutely stupid. I have been with tech support and done all the steps and completely starting over, that did nothing. So for the heck of it I took my android phone (galaxy s6 edge) and connected it with its google home integration for SmartThings. Wow, it works perfectly with all the lights Alexa won’t control anymore and the speed of how it completes the commands is almost twice as fast. I find Google Home also understands everything I say. I am about ready to put Alexa out to pasture.

There is a current known problem with the SmartThings/Alexa integration, so if that integration is what you’re looking for, it may very well be that as of this writing, November 5, 2017, the Google integration is working much better.

Alexa itself is working fine, however. The issue is just in the SmartThings integration.

Also, before you get too excited about the Google integration, there’s a known problem there as well, but it won’t come up until you add new devices or try to re-link your account. And that problem has been going on for three months now. See the following thread:

So both devices are good, both seem to work quite well on their own, and currently both have known issues with the SmartThings integration. :disappointed_relieved:


I guess I will have them both and pick and choose who does what :slight_smile:

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I have them both and the short of it is that Google is smarter and Alexa is friendlier.

My family is only frustrated by the fact that there are three wake words in our house, Google, Alexa and Cortana. Someone will have to go, but who will it be?

Cool, I would keep them all maybe?

Do not decide yet on any changes. Things are in flux in the entire market, Amazon and Microsoft are cooperating, other players are emerging, and next-gen of Alexa is out. If you have one now, stay the course until this time next year, at least. See what is coming out for the 2018 gifting season. Personal prediction is all will change within 3 - 4 years as this trend actually becomes fashion instead of curiosity.

webCoRE and Alexa acted up on me this weekend. I spent my entire yesterday trying to get things back in order.

webCoRE is fixed and Alexa is back working but will not discover the rest of my devices. Don’t know what happened but I am sure it will get worked out soon enough…

There is no doubt the Alexa integration has suffered some sort of issue that SmartThings has not identified. The problem with multiple players in a technology is when there is an issue its always the other guys fault. In the end in my home Alexa went from brilliant to stupid overnight. Google home hasn’t missed a request since I integrated it on Saturday. I will say that Google home does commands quickly. I know all platforms have issues and Google home could become stupid ass well.