Harmony sends incorrect / extra instructions

So I’ve been having some issues with lights randomly turning on and off. Not all lights. Not all the time. A look at my logs doesn’t show anything I wouldn’t expect - that is, the log shows the light off and turning on or vice versa. Even digging deeper into the Events in the device manager doesn’t really show me anything I wouldn’t expect.

Today I used my harmony remote to stop my DVR and boom: the lights in my living room shut off. I cannot recreate the event. The event log simply says APP_COMMAND - but no app connected to these lights is connect to the Harmony.

It’s very weird.

It’s very annoying when it happens at 2 in the morning and the bedroom lights come on (and change their dimming levels) for seemingly no reason.

Has anyone else had similar issues and found a solution?

Yes! That explains a lot! It’s happened to me only twice so in not sure that’s what it is.

My logs show that action was initiated by device/ physical.