Alexa issues, App issues, Routine issues

So the last several weeks, I’ve had an assortment of issues including:

  • Alexa will tell me “Sorry, that device is not responding”. About half of the time, I can ask her five minutes later and will receive an “Okay” … the other half of the time, it still will not respond.

  • The app shows a lot of lights and motion detectors are offline. I talked with support and they said that SOMETIMES, you can dismiss the offline notification in the app and still turn on and off the light. They are right. Sometimes this works, but not often.

  • The worst offense here: lights will fail to turn on or off in my routines. I woke up this morning and one light had remained on all night (despite bedtime routine running correctly for all other lights) and another 2 lights failed to turn off at the wake-up routine. What I’ve been doing: physically turning the lamp on/off and then having Alexa turn the lamp back off/on so that they’re online again.

I’m gearing up for a trip soon and leaving my house abandoned, and I would like the routines to be running smoothly so it appears I am home. I live in the county on a busy road and honestly, having the lights running helps (or at least helps my peace of mind). Ideally, it would also be nice to control lights from my app, but I will settle for just the house mechanically running itself. What should I do to fix these issues? I’ve tried resetting the hub. Suggestions appreciated.

Unfortunately, this is a known problem which is been mentioned on the official status page, in the first bug reports in the community – created wiki, and in a couple of threads in this forum. See the following for discussion:

If Smartthings support didn’t know this was a known problem, that’s a problem in itself. :disappointed_relieved: or were you talking with Amazon support?

It’s currently the top line on the official status page for smartthings:

If you’re still having the problems, definitely report them to support.