Harmony randomly Turning on my Tv

So lately when my wife comes home, my TV that is controlled by Harmony that is integrated with Smartthings is turning on. I can’t for the life of me figure out why this is happening but I do recall seeing others who had this phantom behavior.

You don’t have any presence related Routines/Smartapps that trigger when she arrives?

Never had this issue with ST and harmony and I’ve been running it since the beta firmware on harmony. Like above look to see if it’s linked somewhere it shouldn’t be.

It’s very strange. I have 4 Tv’s with Harmony hubs and it’s only doing this on one of them.

I rebooted that hub as it was acting weird when controlling with my remote. I do have a CoRE piston that turns off any activity running when the house is in away Mode which is most likely the culprit.

Check the smartthings logs to see which automation is running.

So possibly, the TV is already off (physically) but the harmony doesn’t know that. So it thinks it’s turning off the TV but since it’s off it is actually toggling the TV back on?

This happens in my house when I turn on the TV with Alexa, then later my wife turns the TV off with the TV remote. So then when my goodnight routine runs (which has a turn off tv command) it actually turns the TV back on.

When I had similar issue, it was because I had a light in a Harmony routine controlled by PIR. Every time that light would turn on, it would turn off whatever Harmony activity was running. It ended up having a cat trigger the motion sensor for me to finally figure out why the TV kept shutting off randomly, since the light that was coming on is outside and not viewable from inside the house.

You gotta get your wife to either use Alexa or the Harmony Hub remote to turn the TV off or leave it on for the goodnight routine. Using the TV’s remote get the Harmony Hub out of sync

It’s just the ghosts. They are staying entertained and keeping up with current events.

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Yeah , suure, I’ll get right on that!! Or I’ll just live and deal with the out of syncs.