Harmony Hub and SmartThings

I once had my Harmony hub linked to my SmartThings hub where I could control my Harmony activities with SmartThings.

Now when I try to link the hub it asks for my Harmony credentials and it logs in successfully, but then once I click done it never finds the hub it just returns me to the previous page.

Any fix or ideas?


Do you get error failed credentials?

No, it actually says that my harmony account is connected to smartthings.

Surely someone has had this issue before. Really wanting to get this working.

Anyone know if there is something I can try resetting maybe to get this to work? Trying to get voice control back over my Harmony activities.

There was an outage yesterday that impacted cloud-to-cloud integrations, including Harmony. If you still can’t connect, try rebooting your hub.

I have tried rebooting and I have had the issue for several days now. At a loss of what to do next. Thanks for the reply.

Got it back up and working. Just did a factory reset on hub and re-synced and paired it.