Cannot add Harmony Hub to SmartThings

The SmartThings app has been at discovery for a while and not able to detect my new harmony hub. Is there anything I can do? Is there an alternative way to add the hub using IP address?
I’ve seen posts here suggesting to check if there’s an old inactive hub in myHarmony. I don’t know where people check that. No additional hubs are listed in myHarmony desktop app or in the harmony app.
I’d really appreciate any suggestions.

did you already install the smart app from Logitech?

Yes. In the app, I do “+ add a thing” => “add device manually’ =>“Remotes & buttons” =>“Logitech Harmony Home Hub”=>”+Connect Now". This is where it keeps searching for a hub and cannot find anything. No error message is displayed and other than spinning wheel every few seconds no other feed back is given.

Did up update the firmware on your harmony hub?

You didn’t get an option to select Facebook, Google or Email? I had to select Email then put in my Logitech credentials…

My understanding is, firmware is getting updated every time you sink - automatically. My current hub software version is 4.14.112. The app version is the latest.

It would ask me if a hub would be discovered after I’d select it for linking. But I cannot get this far - the hub cannot be discovered.

Done!!! I have to click remove first. I don’t know what the app removed since nothing was displayed there - no hub or any other information. But after the remova, l was prompted to enter Logitech credentials and the hub was discovered. Confusing…
But at least it seems like I’m good now.

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