Logitech Harmony (Connect) down?

On iOS and Android, you press on the smartapp to look at the harmony hubs it can see and it just times out? I added a new hub and want to discover it. Any tips?

Unfortunately delete smart app, and start again

Nooooo. Will try.

It won’t even progress enough to let me remove it…is this because of recent app updates or just something we have to love with and it just happens sometimes?

Did you delete the activities and hubs from things first? I did it prior to the update. I have 6 hubs now and every time I got a new one I almost didn’t because I knew I would have to delete the app and start over. And I still ran into the error credentials page, but got past that by either adding the activities first then the hubs, or vice versa.

Is it seeing the old hub still? I didn’t replace a hub but mine just updated my activities.

The smartapp just doesn’t load to let me look at what it can see.

I just got my fourth hub and the Logitech Connect app is not discovering it. Please don’t tell me I need to remove all of my existing smartapps and setup from my previous 3…

That’s what I had to do.

Thanks. What an awful solution to a problem. I fixed it by removing all of my Logitech Harmony Connect app and re-adding it like you mentioned. I think what is happening here is the old Harmony Connect was a Lan to Lan app and now it’s cloud to cloud and it was rewritten and any of the old instances cannot find newer hubs. If so, not a good migration path. @thegilbertchan can explain further possibly since he worked on this integration.