Smartthings and Harmony activities new app

I’m unable to get Harmony activities working in the new app. They show up in the new app (probably from old app integration), but activating them in harmony will not activate in smartthings. Am I missing something?

I have the same issue. Existing activities don’t work and new ones don’t add. I can still control my devices through Harmony to ST. But activities the other way seem to have stopped working. Add it to the list!

Same issue here. I can turn on/off harmony activities in new app. But when I turn on the activity from outside of ST, it does not register as ON in SmartThings. Kind of annoying. I also previously was able to view history and see how long the kids are watching TV!

Have you tried this?

Still working here for me in the New ST App. However, as always, ST has to poll the status of the Harmony Activities periodically to ‘see’ changes that originated outside of the ST platform. Thus, it may take a few minutes to see the change take effect. The trick posted by @eric182 is a nice simple way to speed this process up.