New Harmony Activity how to add to Smartthings


I added a new activity to my harmony. I can’t seem to find where in smartthings to sync with harmony to add the new activity.


Logitech Harmony Connect smartApp
Select Activities

I added the activity in Harmony. Now I need that activity in Smartthings. How do I get Smartthing add the new activity from Harmony?

Open the ST app, select My Home, under Things, click the + and it will discover it.

That doesn’t discover Harmony activities. There are days I really hate ST and it’s when I need to add something from Harmony to it. Guess I’ll have to do it the long way… Remove Harmony hub from ST then add it back. This is freaking crazy.

Automation->smart apps->Logitech Harmony connect


I got it. ST app > Automation > SmartApps tab, Click on Logitech Harmony > Go to the bottom and click on Select Harmony Activities area > Check the box to add or uncheck to remove activity.


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@prjct92eh2 & @Rickinfl,
I’m new to ST (came from having ~75 devices on Wink, so I’m far from a novice to Home Automation- but I just cannot figure this out with Harmony. Somehow my devices show ‘Media Center’ which I assume ST just picked up automatically because I have a HArmony hub on my network. The IDE shows some Activities but they all show as ‘Offline’. I think I previously used the YONAMI app to connect Harmony to Wink hub, and I’m assuming ST is seeing the Yonami stuff. I looked in the ST app -> Automation -> SmartApps -> Add a SmartApp -> More -> and here I see Logitech Harmony Trigger. This doesn’t look like it’s the total Logitech control that’s needed… is there another SmartApp you’re using? Thanks

Go to marketplace>things>remotes & buttons and add it that way

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Awesome- got it. Thanks