Harmony Activity Issue

I am experiencing an issue with the Logitech Harmony integration that I do not believe I’ve seen before.

I have four harmony hubs and a total of 22 activities. All are integrated with ST. All my Harmony activities have a step in them to immediately turn on or off the related device in ST (to avoid any delays in state updates due to polling delays).

The integration works fine for all activities when I initiate in both Harmony or SmartThings (the communication seems to work fine both ways) except for one. For this one activity the ST device updates to on or off if the activity is initiated in the Harmony app but if I tap the ST device it will not control the actual Harmony activity (the ST device does turn on/off), ie, for this one activity the integration is only working one way from Harmony to ST.

As a troubleshooting measure I deleted the ST device and then added it again. I then resynced the Harmony app to authorize that new device in Harmony and added it back to the Harmony activity. The problem remains that control for this one activity is only working one way.

I do believe that I did not have this problem before as when I create any new activities I thoroughly test them.

This is a real head-scratcher. Can anyone think of other things for me to check?

Just curious… will the Logitech Harmony integration survive once the migration to Edge and LUA is complete?

I think my next step is removing the activity completely in Harmony and rebuilding it to see if that resolves it.

UPDATE: This resolved it.

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I too have harmony activities integrated with smart things. I feel like we are living on borrowed time with the demise of groovy and Harmony devices no longer being supported by their parent company Logitech.

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They are actually still supporting them - just not selling anything but old stock. Of course that could change at any time.

They even put out an app update not too long ago.

Why aren’t you using the community created Harmony Edge driver?

I guess I missed that memo.

Check the quick browse list for edge drivers for audiovisual devices. There’s at least one harmony driver in Alpha testing there. If any others get added overtime, they should show up on that same list. :sunglasses:


Thanks, yes I found it. Giving it a miss for now but will switch if and when I have too.


The edge driver only works for one harmony hub, if I remember right. He mentioned having several so that might pose a problem.