Actions not showing in Harmony Hub Control

(Aultcom) #1

Realizing that Labs support is always a bit flaky, I’m wondering if this is a bug in the new Harmony support, or user error on my part. I can set up the Harmony Hub Connect just fine, but when I try to configure the Hub Control app, nothing is listed under “Activities”–even though I have several activities set up in my Harmony App and accessible via the remote.

Watched the demo videos on the ST blog page, and don’t see any steps that I missed. I am using the brand new Ultimate Home hub and remote, and the packaging advertises SmartThings support so I assume it’s not a firmware issue.

Any suggestions out there? Thanks!

(Ron S) #2

Did you update your logitech ultimate home hub and remote to the latest firmware released on September 25? The release notes says nothing but that few bugs were fixed. Haven’t used philips hues on the remote though. Will give it a try today. For me everything ST appears under “lights” in the remote.

(Aultcom) #3

Upgraded the firmware upon installation yesterday (9/27) and used Sync this morning as well (which according to Logitech support site is supposed to check for firmware upgrades). According to the Versions list in the Harmony iOS app, I am using firmware 4.0.148.

Still seeing nothing listed on the “Activities?” screen when I try to configure the Hub Control SmartApp.

I can see my SmartThings devices in the Harmony remote app, and can control a zwave light switch in smartthings from my remote. I’ve been using the direct Philips Hue control in Harmony, not routing those commands through SmartThings, and it works flawlessly.

TL;DR: I can control SmartThings devices from my Harmony remote, but can’t select/invoke Harmony activities from a SmartApp.

(Aultcom) #4

Working now. I selected “Update Firmware” in the Harmony app and was told I had the latest already. Then I tried updating my ST hub and was also told everything was up-to-date. Finally I:

  • Deleted the Harmony stuff from ST
  • Deleted the ST device from Harmony
  • Rebooted my ST hub
  • Re-added ST from Harmony
  • Re-configured everything Harmony in ST

Not sure where the magic was, but now my Harmony actions are available to SmartThings.

(DLee) #5

Thanks for posting this. I had the same problem after initial setup.

One thing I just discovered, if I use the default ST Ecobee Thermostat device type Harmony can’t see it and I am not able to program a temp change with Harmony. But if I change my Ecobee device type to Yves Racine’s custom Ecobee device type, I am able to have the thermostat temp change when specific Harmony actions are started, or adjust temp manually from the Harmony remote. This is cool for increasing the temp when “Watch a movie” is started etc. Pretty cool.

(Ron S) #6

@aultcom Setting up everything as per your instructions. What do you mean you can see all your activities from harmony on your ST hub and vice versa? Do you see watch TV, watch movie etc in your ST app and ST actions like Good Night, turn off lights etc. on your harmony ultimate home remote? I am very confused how the integration is supposed to work. Any help will be appreciated.

(DLee) #7

I see stuff like “watch TV” in the ST app. Within the Harmony setup app and on the remote, I only see ST devices like switches, sensors, and thermostat.

(Aultcom) #8

Dlee’s description matches my experience.

Any activities that I created in the Harmony app are available as actions based on the usual ST triggers (presence, contacts, switches, modes, etc). Basically it works just like the third video on the SmartThings blog post about Harmony. But it took me several hours of monkeying around to get it working, using the steps above.

SmartThings actions are not available in the Harmony app, but devices that I enabled access to (as shown in the first video) are. They show up in groups (lights,sensors, thermostats) in the SMARTTHINGS category of the iOS app, or via the remote.

That part (SmartThings stuff showing up in Harmony) worked right away, even before the steps i listed above to get Harmony activities into ST. Is that part working for you?

(Ron S) #9

Thanks, guys! Finally everything is in order. Now same behavior as yours!

(DLee) #10

Just an update. The new Harmony firmware push seems to have resolved the issues I had where Harmony Actions executed from SmartThings would not execute on Harmony. Previously I was only able to execute the PowerOff command from SmartThings.

With the fix, I can now execute everything like Watch Movie, Football etc. Sets media devices and lighting per action. Actions also execute when I yell at my Ubi.

(Christian Dion) #11

I have the same issue, not seeing my actions in ST… Can’t set a trigger…

All firmwares are up to date and already tried to delete Harmony and ST devices on each side, but still the same when I add them back. Harmony controls ST but ST can’t trigger Harmony…

(Endoplasmic) #12

Replying to subscribe. I’m having the same issue with mine as well.

(Aultcom) #13

No longer working for me either. Tried the earlier fix (see my posts above) but no luck getting any harmony activites to show up in ST.


Email if you have this issue. In most cases we have a workaround until the fix goes live.

(Beckwith) #15

I don’t have my wifi bridged with my LAN. I added a Harmony Home Control and am able to control lights from a Harmony remote through the cloud to cloud interface. Is the opposite true? Does the SmartThings interface execute an activity through the cloud or does it have to be on the same LAN?


SmartThings->Harmony is LAN. Harmony->SmartThings is Cloud-to-Cloud.

(Richie Teague) #17

Any idea when the fix will go live. I just purchased the harmony hub and would like to set it up.


No, not yet. I’ll have more information tomorrow morning and I’m hoping we can get it out very soon.


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Yep. It won’t surprise me if home automation will replace smoking as a leading cause of heart attack. :smile:

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Be strong Ron! I’m actually tempted to turn SmartThings off for a week to see if it’ll improve my blood pressure. Heck, I even may be able to find time to talk to my family again. :smile: